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Florida's 2 Owls Media Launches AI-Assisted Children's Book Series

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3 Rabbits in Front of their home smiling & proudly holding their work tools for gardening

Cover of "The Great Landscapers"

How a New Publisher in Florida, 2 Owls Media & Publishing, Leverages AI

CAPE CORAL, FL, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023 / -- Florida-based 2 Owls Media steps into the world of children's literature with their debut book, "The Great Landscapers," now available on Amazon [link:]. This innovative book marks the inauguration of a captivating series, promising a new storytelling frontier for young readers.

Inspiration struck when Bob Michaelson, author and co-founder of 2 Owls Media, read a great presentation revealing the potential of Artificial Intelligence in creating and illustrating children's books. Intrigued by the possibilities, Michaelson chose to pioneer a new narrative approach, blending his own creative insights with the assistance of AI tools.

The concept of a rabbit family venturing into the world of lawn trimming, gardening and landscape design stemmed from Michaelson's observations of the "wild" marsh hares in his Southwest Florida neighborhood. What began as a story two years ago blossomed into a full-fledged book, leveraging AI tools to assist. But with a difference: Michaelson and his team wrote a detailed outline first. Only after several drafts did they turn to AI tools.

Experience the magic of "The Great Landscapers" with sample pages available on the official company website []. The captivating story is accompanied by astonishing illustrations, offering a visual feast for young readers. They include a mix of actual photos, photo realistic and animated movie-style images, again combining human creative work with AI.

Notably, 2 Owls Media draws its name from an unexpected wildlife encounter – two Burrowing Owls that made their home on the company's property. Michaelson recalls, "Initially, I questioned the hype surrounding these tiny, protected creatures. Little did I know they would inspire our brand name and help spark our passion for wildlife-centric storytelling."

Also, one of Michaelson’s video clips, of a local alligator, made it onto national TV as a part of the “Salvage” documentary series on The Weather Channel!

Excitement looms for the upcoming releases, including a dive into the enchanting world of dolphins and a promised tale about the owl pair that found their haven on 2 Owls Media's property.

Prior to his venture into children's literature, Michaelson spearheaded SinoMetrics International, a trailblazing software localization and translation company in the tech hub of Greater Seattle. His astute navigation of technology positions 2 Owls Media at the forefront of innovative storytelling.

Contact Michaelson regarding bulk purchases of “The Great Landscapers” for your school district or wholesaler.

Join the journey as 2 Owls Media continues to redefine storytelling by merging human creativity with the power of AI, opening new realms of imagination for young readers and captivating audiences worldwide.

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"The Great Landscapers" - A Rabbit family that starts a lawn care and Landscape biz!!