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A Q&A with Jazz Singer, Songwriter and Performer Sage Bava On the Release of Her New EP 'Falling In'

Musical artist Sage Bava poses with guitar on the cover of her 'Falling In' EP.

Jazz singer, songwriter & performer Sage Bava's 'Falling In' EP is out now.

Musical artist Sage Bava poses with guitar for a black & white press shot by photographer Kristin Burns.

Jazz singer, songwriter & performer Sage Bava poses with her guitar for a photograph by Kristin Burns.

In the long-form Q&A Bava talks about why she wants to give back to young women, her best vegan meals, interviewing Moby, John Legend & Herbie Hancock, and more

Most of these songs could be so many different forms of love. They could be a romantic love, they could be you and man's construct love. They could be you and your self love.”
— Sage Bava
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 16, 2023 / -- Jazz singer, songwriter, and performer Sage Bava's five-song EP 'Falling In' released this week (November 15), introduces audiences to a vibrant and interesting new talent. Tracks like "Manchild," "Deep Blue," and "Imperfect Melody" showcase her sophisticated, soulful original sound and complement renditions of timeless classics "Misty" and "Someone To Watch Over Me." These tracks and arrangements were crafted by Bava between Valencia, Spain, and her hometown of Rochester, NY, featuring an ensemble of talented musicians. In her Q&A Bava talks about growing up on an animal farm, why she wants to give back to young women in the industry after her own issues with producers coming up as a young artist, her best vegan meals to make, interviewing artists from Moby and John Legend to Samara Joy and Herbie Hancock for a book she is working on, attending Columbia University for her masters in psychology and more.

Jazz has always held a special place in Sage's heart. She hails from a unique background, having grown up on an animal rescue alongside her father, who had the privilege of playing piano for legendary figures like Buddy Rich and Paul Winter. Even as a young talent, Sage was already making her mark, starring in plays and collaborating with guitar icon Les Paul, all by the tender age of 13. While navigating a multifaceted childhood that included stints as a child actor and competitive tap dancer, she encountered her fair share of challenges. In her early teens, Sage grappled with depression and derealization, facing exploitative music producers more interested in her appearance than nurturing her undeniable talent. It was a dark chapter in her life, one that would ultimately set the stage for the profound highs and lows that have shaped her into the remarkable person and artist she is today.

Sage's journey has taken her across the globe, from acting in London to solo adventures throughout Europe with just her backpack, guitar, and an unyielding spirit of adventure. Her return to the States brought her to the vibrant hub of New York City, but when the pandemic hit, she found herself back on her family's farm. Soon after, she embarked on a transformative journey to Costa Rica to teach yoga. This time proved to be a deep awakening for her, a period of profound reconnection with nature and her own inner voice. Her spirituality flourished as she learned from wise teachers and shamans. Driven by her true passion, Sage decided to pursue her music once more. She applied for Berklee Valencia's one-year master's program in production, received a scholarship, and made the bold move to Spain. But Sage Bava isn't just about the music. She's a unique talent currently studying the psychology of spirituality at Columbia and occasionally working as a journalist.

Now, she is ready to share her captivating story, remarkable voice, and boundless talents with the world. Look for an album from Sage set to be distributed by AWAL in 2024 that promises to be a profound artistic statement. Multiple major U.S. festival appearances are already confirmed with much more to come. Meanwhile, we share this Q&A from Sage Bava with you, and we welcome you to listen to 'Falling In.'

What do you want people to take from your EP when they hear it?
Bava: I just want it to wash over you, and I just want it to make you feel. Through that feeling, you'll connect more to yourself and your sense of self and everything is love. Most of these songs could be so many different forms of love. They could be a romantic love, they could be you and man's construct love. They could be you and your self love. So I hope that it just allows people a peaceful and beautiful space in which to feel loved.

What's the lesson you want to give to young women having gone through the industry yourself?
Bava: Listen to your voice. It's very easy to think people know better. It's very easy to think that you are young and naive and you don't know the world, or you should listen to all of these people telling you what to do and who to be and how to act. And even if they're not telling you in words, they're making you feel a certain way. But I urge you to really stay true to your gut. Let it be powerful and let it be potent. People don't like powerful young women. When you speak on that truth, sometimes people are going to throw a tantrum. Sometimes people are going to try and control you and your mind, but the sooner that you can realize that that's just them and their own work that they need to do on their self, and you stay true to you, you're going to have a much easier and a much quicker road.

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Sage Bava's video for her Gershwin Brothers cover of "Someone To Watch Over Me"