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Tennis Players Celebrate National Recycling Day

Promoting National Recycling Day with a recycling logo and #tennisrecycles on November 15th

#tennisrecycles November 15th

Men and women are on a blue, outdoor, community tennis court. They are surrounded by hundreds of dirty and degraded tennis balls that were collected during a community clean-up effort and sent to RecycleBalls for recycling.

Volunteers collect tennis balls during a local community clean-up effort. Tennis balls were sent to RecycleBalls to become new tennis courts.

Green tennis ball felt mixed with small pieces of rubber in various colors of grey, red, and black tones.

Tennis balls turned into arena footing and ready to go to an equine therapy arena.

Tennis ball recycling is reaching new heights with RecycleBalls and tennis players all over the US are celebrating on Nov. 15th

National Recycling Day is both a celebration of what we've achieved and a reminder of the work ahead.”
— Erin Cunningham, RecycleBalls CEO
SOUTH BURLINGTON, VERMONT, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2023 / -- After the match ends and the courts quiet down, tennis balls embark on a new eco-friendly journey. On November 15th, National Recycling Day, tennis enthusiasts from Washington state to Washington DC are breaking out their racquets to spotlight sustainability in the sport they love.

Spearheading this year's campaign are the RecycleBalls Youth Ambassadors, a dynamic group of over 50 teenagers from across the globe. These young environmental advocates, who are also passionate tennis players, have taken the lead in mobilizing their communities. They are engaging with high school, college, and community tennis teams, encouraging them to join the movement towards a greener future for the sport. Celebrating National Recycling Day, teams are encouraged to share their creative tennis trick shots on social media with the hashtag #tennisrecycles. Their aim is to raise awareness, support, and resources for this important cause.

"Recycling is for everyone. I was inspired to work with RecycleBalls to create this program so tennis players, like myself, have the opportunity to positively impact their community and sport in unique ways." said Sai Chandry, a junior in high school, tennis player, and RecycleBalls Ambassador. "Seeing so many youth ambassadors take action and participate is more than I could have hoped for."

Annually, approximately 300 million tennis balls are manufactured worldwide, with the majority ending up in landfills. These balls, made from durable rubber and felt, can take centuries to decompose. RecycleBalls is addressing this environmental challenge by reclaiming these materials, thus reducing the ecological footprint and extending the lifespan of tennis balls beyond the court. Tennis balls are both upcycled and recycled into new products such as horse arena footing or even back into the tennis courts themselves. 2023 marks a significant milestone for RecycleBalls, having recycled close to 3 million tennis balls this year. Since its inception in 2016, the organization has prevented over 12 million balls from becoming environmental waste through an innovative recycling and upcycling processes.

"National Recycling Day is both a celebration of what we've achieved and a reminder of the work ahead.” says Erin Cunningham, CEO of RecycleBalls. “On November 15th, we celebrate the collective efforts of players and facilities. It's inspiring to see the commitment from players, especially the youth, in making tennis a more sustainable sport. We are excited to keep this momentum going, turning every day into an opportunity for recycling in tennis."

In recognition of National Recycling Day, tennis players are encouraged to bring attention to sustainability in tennis. By posting a tennis trick shot on social media with the hashtag #tennisrecycles and tagging RecycleBalls, players can highlight a larger movement towards a greener future in sports.

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