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Artem Kropovinsky of Arsight Reveals Brooklyn Brownstone Design Project: A Fusion of History and Innovation

An interior design project of a kitchen in a Brooklyn Brownstone, executed by Arsight and Artem Kropovinsky, featuring a restored oak millwork, kitchen island, a dining table in the bay window, and the powder room

Kitchen in Brooklyn Brownstone, by Arsight

Arsight Elevates NYC Brownstone: A Journey from Historic to Futuristic Living

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, November 14, 2023 / -- Arsight, a leading interior design firm in NYC, under the leadership of Artem Kropovinsky, has recently completed a transformative renovation of a 120-year-old brownstone in Brooklyn's historic district. This project, a masterful blend of historical preservation and modern innovation, has earned international recognition, receiving accolades such as the NYCxDesign Awards and SBID Awards.

The brownstone, spanning 3,960 square feet, has been expertly converted from a one-family home into a duplex. The extensive renovation encompassed a complete reimagining of the layout, incorporating a state-of-the-art kitchen, and overhauling plumbing, electricity, and HVAC systems. The property now features seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, adorned with skylights and an elegant extension.

A significant aspect of this renovation was the restoration of historical elements, including stained-glass windows, original woodworking, and flooring, which were carefully integrated with modern Scandinavian and minimalist designs.

Artem Kropovinsky reflects: "The essence of this project was to respect the brownstone's rich history while infusing it with contemporary functionality. Balancing historical integrity with modern innovation was both our challenge and our triumph."

Arsight's approach to this renovation was distinguished by its thoughtful integration of advanced technology and sustainability. Smart home features were integrated without disrupting the historical charm. The use of eco-friendly materials and renewable energy sources underscores Arsight's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in their residential interior design services.

This project is a testament to Arsight's proficiency in blending traditional architecture with modern amenities, creating spaces that are both luxurious and environmentally conscious. The company’s utilization of AI and generative design principles further underscores its role as a pioneer in the industry of interior design projects in NYC.

Arsight, guided by Kropovinsky's decade of experience, continues to redefine interior design standards. The company's approach, marked by a blend of global experience and local insights, positions it at the forefront of the industry. Arsight’s focus on innovation, sustainability, and client engagement has established it as a beacon of luxury and functionality in interior design.

The renovation presented the unique challenge of converting the historical structure into a duplex while maintaining its integrity. The custom-designed kitchen and sophisticated bathrooms on each floor are a highlight of the project. The kitchen features custom-made wood cabinetry that mirrors the original millwork, with an emphasis on matching the stain, color, wood type, and pattern.

To enhance the kitchen's functionality, upper cabinets were added, and a marble shelf was installed, complemented by brass hardware. The powder room features classic millwork, eccentric wallpaper, brass hardware, and a marble hexagon floor, showcasing Arsight’s attention to detail.

Arsight's approach to this project epitomizes the company's ethos. Their target markets include high-end residential clients, retail brands, and hospitality entities, each approached with a strategy reflecting their extensive expertise.

Arsight’s innovative process is characterized by blending the imperfect with the perfect, setting them apart in the industry. The company maintains transparency with clients, providing real-time updates on cost, progress, and execution. Their use of augmented reality and AI-driven design tools ensures Arsight remains at the cutting edge of interior design technology.

This renovation is a testament to Arsight's commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by the use of eco-friendly materials and partnership with local artisans. The project showcases Arsight’s ability to harmonize historical preservation with modern sustainability practices.

Looking ahead, Arsight is dedicated to redefining the boundaries of interior design, focusing on excellence, emerging technologies, and sustainable practices. The company envisions a future where each space curated not only embodies innovation but also reflects a conscientious footprint on the planet.

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