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Introducing the Trash Vac: Transforming Litter Collection with Innovative Technology

Introducing the Trash Vac

Introducing the Trash Vac

Trash Vac Picking up Trash

Trash Vac Picking up Trash

Texas Innovator, Randy Streetman, Unveils Groundbreaking Trash Vac to Tackle Waste-Management Woes.

My whole reason for doing it was just to make people aware that there is a way to get it cleaned up. If it's easier to clean up, hopefully people will do it”
— Randy Streetman
WHITESBORO, TX, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / -- Texas native Randy Streetman today announced the launch of his product, the Trash Vac, an all-inclusive trash vacuum and garbage-collecting product designed for faster, more efficient litter collection.

The Trash Vac has been in development for 15 years and launches today, offering a new way for individuals, municipalities, parks and recreation departments, farmers, ranchers and schools to remove trash and contribute to a healthier environment.

"My whole reason for doing it was just to make people aware that there is a way to get it cleaned up, said Randy Streetman, Trash Vac inventor and owner. “If it's easier to clean up, hopefully people will do it."

The Trash Vac is the first of its kind, with features like a patented cyclonic turbine system, pistol-grip throttle control and a wide-mouth opening for large debris. Its benefits include:

● Portability: Wearable as a backpack or pull-handle, the Trash Vac is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy for individuals to clean up litter in various environments, from sports stadiums to local parks.
● Versatility: It can pick up a wide range of litter, from small items like plastic bottles and cans to larger items like waterlogged debris.
● Health and Safety: The Trash Vac minimizes direct contact with litter, improving hygiene and sanitation and reducing contact with harmful bacteria.
● Sustainability: By making litter collection easier and more accessible, the Trash Vac contributes to environmental conservation by preventing litter from entering natural ecosystems and waterways.

The Trash Vac will be available online and in select locations starting today, 11/16. Streetman is accepting interview requests, which can be made through their Marketing Agency, XCS Pros.

About the Trash Vac: The Trash Vac is the fastest, most efficient, easy-to-use and affordable way to pick up refuse in the market today. Invented by Randy Streetman, a lifelong Texan with a background in manufacturing, the product revolutionizes litter cleanup, making waste management easier and more accessible for everyone. Learn more at

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