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AVID Climate launches first Over-the-Counter OTC Retail Climate Impact Investment Platform

AVID Climate Investment app welcome screen

AVID Climate Investment app

AVID ACU climate project overview

ACU climate project overview

AVID ACU investment impact

ACU investment impact

The highly anticipated investment platform enables virtually anyone to make self-directed investments in high-impact, climate-positive initiatives.

We have developed an investment unit – an AVID Climate Unit or ACU - that essentially fractionalizes metric tons of carbon dioxide emission down to an affordable level for consumers.”
— Oliver Martin, AVID founder
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 / -- AVID announces the launch of its highly anticipated social investment platform for people who are driven to making a difference in climate change and our planet’s protection and recovery.

AVID’s founder, Oliver Martin explains how the company has developed a retail investment platform that enables and empowers the average consumer and investment enthusiast to invest directly into highly impactful climate projects through the pre-existing global carbon credit markets: “We have developed an investment unit – an AVID Climate Unit or ACU - that essentially fractionalizes metric tons of carbon dioxide emission down to an affordable level for consumers. We further mutualize our ACUs into thematic investment interests: Ocean Health, Renewable Energy, Reforestation, and Clean Tech. Our minimum investment level is $1, or equivalent local currency, making access affordable for all,” he said.

The AVID platform is very different from other investment platforms. Unlike most self-managed investment platforms that focus on reporting and visualizing financial and real-time quotes, AVID also incorporates climate impact education, transparency, and visibility into the projects the consumer is investing in, including tangible units of measure for each ACU. Martin explains: “The AVID fractionalization process enables impact calculation where each ACU type can be measured in terms of various thematic benefits: for example, AVID’s first ACU theme equates to the carbon footprint of 12.07 500ml single-use plastic bottles, or 6849 plastic straws or 2489 paper straws, or 31,250 plastic stirrers per each ACU.

In terms of trading, AVID’s platform creates a unique ‘marketplace’ for consumers to trade independently and without fees of any kind. Martin points out that investing in ACUs is not investing in ‘equities’, ‘stocks’, or ‘bonds.’ An ACU is a fractionalized commodity – carbon - and trades in exactly the same way as regular commodities, offering consumers a ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ environment for trading. AVID is working directly with the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission to ensure compliance.

AVID has a trading pool of 20,000 ‘gift ACUs’ for new members to get them started on the platform.

About AVID: AVID is a San Francisco and London-based fin tech and climate tech company, established in 2021 by technology leaders, bringing together expertise in carbon markets, investment platforms, and quantum data. AVID is an innovator in fractionalized investing in the climate impact space and is focused on creating a highly disruptive, socially-driven climate impact platform. Learn more at

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