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Kelowna Woman-Owned Business Named as One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies

"Kris Stewart, CEO of Advanced Care Group, leading nurse and allied health staffing for healthcare facilities."

"Kris Stewart, CEO of Advanced Care Group of Companies, epitomizing leadership and innovation in the healthcare industry.

"CEO Kris Stewart of Advanced Care Group, dedicated to providing top-tier nursing and allied health staffing solutions."

"Kris Stewart, the visionary CEO of Advanced Care Group of Companies, leading the charge in innovative healthcare staffing solutions."

"CEO Kris Stewart of Advanced Care Group, committed to excellence in nursing and allied health staffing for the healthcare sector."

"Kris Stewart, CEO of Advanced Care Group, championing specialized staffing solutions in nursing and allied health for healthcare facilities."

Kelowna's Advanced Home Care Solutions ranks #12 in Canada's Top Growing Companies, eyeing further expansion. CEO Kris Stewart leads the charge

Our higher purpose is to provide nursing services to those who have insufficient amounts of it. We start with rural emergency rooms, and work our way in.”
— Kris Stewart CEO


**Advanced Home Care Solutions: A Beacon of Growth in Canadian Healthcare**

In a significant announcement, Advanced Home Care Solutions Inc., a trailblazing Kelowna-based company, has been named the 12th fastest-growing company in Canada according to The Globe and Mail's prestigious 5th annual ranking. This recognition comes as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing healthcare services under the visionary leadership of CEO and Clinical Director, Kris Stewart, BSc, RN, MBA.

Established in 2011, Advanced Home Care Solutions began with a noble mission: to offer highly qualified healthcare professionals to assist seniors in the comfort of their own homes. Recognizing the acute staffing gaps in hospitals and long-term care facilities, Stewart expanded the company's services in 2019, addressing an urgent need exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic catalyzed a shift in the healthcare landscape, with many nurses leaving hospital settings for less stressful environments. "We provided a lifeline by incentivizing nurses to return to clinical practice, offering them the choice of location and mitigating the staffing crisis," Stewart remarks, emphasizing the company's pivotal role during these challenging times.

The success of Advanced Home Care Solutions is rooted in its adaptability and innovative business model, which aligns with the growing gig economy – a sector that appeals to both new and seasoned healthcare professionals. Stewart's academic journey, including an MBA from Athabasca University and a current Doctoral program, has equipped her with the strategic acumen to cultivate an inclusive and psychologically supportive company culture.

"We've built a culture that emphasizes civility, respect, and psychological safety," says Stewart. "Our administrative team is passionate about placing healthcare professionals in roles where they're desperately needed, bridging the gap in short-staffed hospitals and care facilities."

The company also offers a novel pathway for temporary healthcare workers to transition into permanent roles within these institutions, alongside standard short to mid-term assignment contracts.

Acknowledging the industry's long-standing challenges, including the retirement-induced attrition of healthcare workers, Stewart underscores the critical role of temporary healthcare staff. "While the healthcare sector devises long-term strategies, our 'short game' approach is providing immediate relief," she explains.

This is the first year Advanced Home Care Solutions has been ranked by the Globe and Mail, showcasing a remarkable nearly 2,500% revenue growth over three years – a clear indicator of the company's strategic foresight and robust decision-making.

Looking to the future, Stewart is optimistic about the company's trajectory. "With our legal groundwork laid for business in all other provinces and international expansions underway, we are poised for sustained growth. Our focus is on setting stable and maintainable goals that will propel us forward," she asserts.

Advanced Home Care Solutions which operates under the trade name "Advanced Care Group of Companies", now boasts offices in Vancouver and Toronto, and has extended its footprint across Canada; soon the United Kingdom, the USA, and other international destinations.

This accolade by The Globe and Mail not only highlights the company's impressive growth but also underscores its pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare staffing solutions.

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**About Advanced Home Care Solutions Inc.:**
Advanced Home Care Solutions Inc. is a visionary healthcare services company founded in 2011 by Kris Stewart. Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, the company specializes in providing highly qualified healthcare professionals to fill staffing gaps in hospitals and long-term care facilities. With a strong presence in Canada and plans for international expansion, Advanced Home Care Solutions is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare staffing solutions with its inclusive, psychologically supportive culture and innovative business model.


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