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New Book Details How “How Technology Innovation Will Shape Our Future”

Baldur Gudgeirsson categorizes relevant technology innovations according to consumer needs and potential to generate profit

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2023 / -- Baldur Gudgeirsson, whose international client portfolio has included Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Danone, Cadbury, Bols, Prince and many other major companies, has announced the publication of his latest book, “Technology Innovation: How Technology Innovation Will Shape Our Future.”

In the book, Gudgeirsson, who has studied, designed and implemented sales, marketing and service systems in many of the largest markets in the world, writes, “Over the next decade, technology innovation will drive economic growth in countries, markets and cities. The broadness of technology innovation is immense; it is borderless, reaches all markets and constantly interacts with everything we do in our daily lives. A key aspect of this transformation process is not forgetting that technology innovation is usually business oriented. It is basically all about business, market share, revenue and profit.”

Gudgeirsson categorizes the most relevant technology innovations according to a consumer needs perspective and their potential to generate revenue and profit over the next decades.

“Technology Innovation” begins with a look at traditional technology, where revenues and profits are high and growth will be consistent and moderate in the future. This category includes online shopping; VOD streaming; social networks; PC, laptop and smartphone sales; advertising on the web; and payment services. “The technology titan companies have established their businesses in this category – they triumph over this category,” Gudgeirsson writes.

The book then explores “The Next Big Business,” which “will drive the world's future economy over the next 40 years in terms of revenue and profit growth.”

One of those next big businesses is renewable energy, which will be produced through a safe nuclear fusion process. Larger equipment, such as airplanes, vessels and automobiles, will be sold with “energy included,” lasting the equipment’s life span. Energy will be consistent, easily accessible and reasonably priced.

Another big business will be a humanoid robot, which will be able to perform any human activity in an unstructured environment, at home or away from home, through autonomous operation and learning as humans do. There will be multiple types of specialized humanoid robots, and every home will buy at least one.

Other big businesses that will shape the future are the metaverse and holograms, and Gudgeirsson writes, “the virtual world economic system, where everything is for sale, will be even larger than in the real world.

Finally, Gudgeirsson writes, the next level of technology cannot progress without higher internet speeds and businesses will need superfast internet to generate three-dimensional content and work with Big Data and AI algorithms.

Technology will also improve life expectancy and he writes, “healthcare, medicine, technology, science and artificial intelligence expectations are set for remarkable advancements. It is just a matter of time before we will find a cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and diabetes.”

Gudgeirsson concludes “Technology Innovation” with a look at what he calls radical technology. He writes, “radical technologies are highly significant technology innovations that will change the world with substantial growth potential. However, they are limited in revenue due to the nature of how their business makes revenue and profit, mainly by selling B2B. Among the radical technologies he names are drones, blockchain technology, smart devices, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

The most significant technology innovations worth investing in will capture, create and fulfill the growing user demands on a large scale, Gudgeirsson believes.

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