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Open Letter to the Lenders/Investment Bankers and Customers of ViewRay from Krishnan Suthanthiran

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, TeamBest Global Companies/Best Cure Foundation

Krishnan Suthanthiran, TeamBest Global Companies/Best Cure Foundation

I hope that ViewRay's lenders and customers appreciate the value of its technology and decide to keep it in the hands of a USA-based company for future innovations and upgrades.”
— Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Global Companies
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 16, 2023 / -- Since the announcement last week regarding the imminent closing of ViewRay on October 25, 2023, TeamBest Global (TBG) and others have reached out to ViewRay customers and some of ViewRay's competitors.

As the competitors race to decommission the ViewRay Systems and replace them with their own products by establishing relationships with companies that service/decommission/sell refurbished or used equipment, time is critical in preserving this valuable technology.

While competitors may be motivated to remove ViewRay's systems from the field and offer alternatives, there is a very real possibility that the entire community of Radiation Therapy Professionals and Hospital/Cancer Center Administrations may become disillusioned about MR Linac Technology and its high cost of purchase, installation, commissioning, and service. This may deter the possibility of any company trying to sell MR Linac Technologies in the future.

TBG is a lean enterprise consisting of multiple companies, some of which were failing when Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TBG companies and Best Cure Foundation (BCF), acquired them. During a time of financial struggle and insufficient cash flow, Suthanthiran even sold all of his personal retirement account savings—which amounted to 5 million USD—to cover the payroll and expenses necessary to keep all the companies operating.

TBG companies have now grown to support as many as 450 employees globally and are working to revitalize struggling companies with new product lines.

Suthanthiran considers his staff as his family and every day, strives to ensure that all employees—along with suppliers and contractors—are paid and that customers are happy and satisfied. Several years ago in Moscow, Russia, when asked by a Radiation Oncology Chairwoman what gets him excited when he wakes up and approaches the day, Suthanthiran shared that his goal is to be a "cheerleader" and to help save lives every day, regardless of where he is.

Some of Suthanthiran's staff members have worked for 40-plus years in TBG companies. TBG and BCF live by the motto of stability, consistency, and excellence every day.

Suthanthiran has personally invested more than 100 million USD in establishing Best Particle Therapy and Best Cyclotron Systems. His companies offer a wide range of cyclotrons and synchrotrons, ranging from 1 MeV to 400 MeV, for radioisotope production, research, and therapy. They are proud to be one of the most sophisticated cyclotron companies in the world.

Suthanthiran has acquired failing companies such as NOMOS, North American Scientific, Part of Implant Sciences, Theratronics, Arplay Medical (France), and ABT Molecular Imaging. Additionally, he has recruited all the staff who remained after the bankruptcy of Forte Automation and established Best Automation and Robotics, among others.

Best Medical International (BMI), a TBG company, stopped producing Iridium 192 Seeds in Nylon Ribbons and Gold 198 Seeds earlier this year, having received no new orders from customers for over a year. BMI, however, decided to maintain the capabilities to produce the product in the future.

Suthanthiran hopes that ViewRay's lenders and customers appreciate the value of its technology and decide to keep it in the hands of a USA-based company for future innovations and upgrades.

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