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Singer-Songwriter Sable Winters Submits Soul-Stirring Single "Bathe Me In Love" to the Grammy Awards

Bathe Me In Love, Single Cover

Bathe Me In Love, Single Cover

Sable Winters

Sable Winters headshot

Sable Winters

Sable Winters in Studio

The cleansing power of love, from the divine or a cherished lover. Her soulful vocals carry you on a journey, reminding us that love has the ability to refresh.

"Bathe Me In Love" is such a warm and loving song. And Sable's voice set to the waves that make you feel like you're in Hawaii or somewhere is genius.”
— Madi Das, Grammy® Nominated Artist
WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 10, 2023 / -- Singer-songwriter and recording artist Sable Winters has submitted her latest single, "Bathe Me In Love," to the Grammy® Awards in two prestigious categories: R&B Song and R&B Performance. This marks a significant milestone in her illustrious career, as she has been a voting member of the Recording Academy since 2003, making this her first entry as a committed, seasoned artist.

"Bathe Me In Love," a captivating fusion of influences often described as enchanting like Sade, embellished with a natural vibrato reminiscent of Sarah Vaughan, and steeped in the soulfulness that mirrors the essence of Jill Scott, showcases Ms. Winters' unique musical prowess. Her delivery, reminiscent of the legendary Abbey Lincoln, brims with unwavering conviction.

With her mesmerizing R&B vocals, Sable sweeps listeners into a tranquil shore where the gentle caress of love becomes a soothing current, carrying them to a state of pure vulnerability and renewal.

The song paints an emotional landscape with its tender lyrics and evocative imagery, speaking to the universal longing for a love that not only showers affection but washes away the burdens of the past, leaving the spirit refreshed and ready to love again. Sable's voice becomes the vessel, navigating the currents of love's deepest waters, each note a prayer, an entreaty to be immersed in love's healing torrent.

In her own words, Sable Winters shares her inspiration for "Bathe Me In Love": "This song is a reflection of the profound human desire for love's transformative touch. It's an invitation to surrender to the healing power of love, whether from a higher power or a cherished companion. Love has the ability to renew, strengthen, and instill the courage to love again."

The bridge of the song, with its ethereal refrain, elevates it to a higher plane, evoking a sense of profound connection and vulnerability. The chorus, like a cascading waterfall, encapsulates the essence of the song, leaving listeners irresistibly entranced.

Released on September 13, 2023, the song is now available on all popular music streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, and Amazon Music. Sable Winters invites music lovers and Grammy voters alike to immerse themselves in the soul-renewing waters of "Bathe Me In Love" and experience the transformative power of love's gentle embrace. The song is a testament to the universal truth that love has the ability to cleanse, rejuvenate, and inspire.

First round voting begins October 11th and concludes on the 20th. For more information on Sable Winters and her music, please visit Sable Winters' official website and For Your Consideration page at Voting members will find a FYC (For Your Consideration) there. For media inquiries, please contact Kitty Jarvis at owleye (at) publicist (dot) com.

About Sable Winters:

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Sable Winters, a dedicated singer, songwriter, and recording artist, now thrives in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Her genre-defying sound blends jazz, neo-soul, R&B, and funk into a mesmerizing musical tapestry. With influences like Sade, Sarah Vaughan, Jill Scott, and Abbey Lincoln, Sable's melodies enchant, and her delivery exudes unwavering conviction toward love's purest delights.

Beyond entertainment, Sable's music seeks to elevate the love experience through lyrical storytelling. A distinguished voting member of The Recording Academy® (San Francisco Chapter since 2003), she earned two nominations for the Board of Governors (singer in 2005-2007, songwriter in 2007-2009), and actively contributes to the Advocacy Committee. Sable Winters' musical journey resonates deeply with both enthusiasts and industry leaders. It's truly about the music.

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