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Lynette S. Kim, Esq. Joins with SuccessBooks® to Co-Author "Empathy and Understanding in Business" Alongside Chris Voss

Lynette S. Kim, Esq.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 28, 2023 / -- Lynette S. Kim, Esq., a respected family attorney with an illustrious career spanning since 1995 in Los Angeles, California, has joined forces with SuccessBooks® as a co-author for the forthcoming book, “Empathy and Understanding in Business.” Collaborating with distinguished author Chris Voss, Lynette brings her expertise to shed light on the power of empathy within the realm of business.

With her unwavering dedication to serving clients, Lynette S. Kim specializes in family law and excels in peace-making, particularly in divorce cases. As a compassionate divorce mediator and collaborative attorney, her approach centers around education, communication, and creative problem-solving as alternatives to prolonged court litigation. Lynette firmly believes in achieving equilibrium in the midst of challenging times, striving to guide her clients through a humane divorce process.

When she's not in her professional role, Lynette has dedicated her time to voluntary mediation work with the Los Angeles Superior Courts and the Los Angeles County Childrens’ Court. She's also been an active volunteer staff attorney and committee member for the county bar’s program on domestic violence. Her expertise has been featured on's Legal Resource Center, and she currently holds a significant role as a board member of the Southern California Mediation Association.

Presently, Lynette S. Kim maintains a thriving practice as a divorce mediator and collaborative attorney. In addition to her legal services, she offers consulting support for clients navigating the complexities of divorce. Her expertise also extends to the drafting of pre-marital and post-marital agreements, providing comprehensive assistance to individuals during significant life transitions.

Lynette's commitment to promoting empathy, understanding, and peaceful resolutions aligns seamlessly with the theme of the upcoming book, “Empathy and Understanding in Business.” Set to debut by the close of 2023, the book aims to redefine the business landscape by emphasizing the role of empathy and emotional intelligence in fostering successful enterprises.

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