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Genialis Presents ResponderID KRAS, a Biomarker Framework for Predicting Patient Response

Genialis points ResponderID, its innovative biomarker framework combining machine learning and RNA-sequencing, at the challenge of KRAS inhibition

BOSTON, MA, USA, September 27, 2023 / -- Genialis, the RNA-biomarker company, today announced a poster presentation using ResponderID™ to predict patients most likely to respond to KRAS inhibition monotherapy and guide drug combination strategies. Genialis presented the poster at the 5th Annual RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit in Boston this week. Like other biomarkers developed in the ResponderID framework, such as the Xerna TME Panel, Genialis applies machine learning to high-dimensional RNA expression data to model fundamental, therapeutically relevant disease biology.

KRAS mutations are prevalent in the most common oncologic malignancies, including colorectal, lung, and pancreatic cancers, with frequencies ranging from 25 percent to nearly 90 percent. However, targeting KRAS has proven historically challenging, hindering clinical trials by varying patient response rates. From the early KRAS drug approvals, the best response rates among KRAS-mutation-positive patients are in the 30-40 percent range. In the current study, Genialis evaluates other state-of-the-art biomarkers only to find these do not transfer well to new clinical cohorts. Genialis believes with the right biomarkers, clinical benefit could improve meaningfully.

“Existing diagnostic tests on the market or in late-stage development suffer from limitations such as relying solely on DNA mutations, which fail to capture the underlying biologic complexity needed for effective treatment stratification,” said Mark Uhlik, VP of Biomarker Development. “Genialis' assessment of the current KRAS biomarker landscape reveals it to be lacking in complexity and limited in reproducibility and transferability, underscoring the need for better KRAS biomarkers.”

Genialis’ ResponderID KRAS is an RNA-sequencing-based classifier rooted in foundational aspects of the target’s biology. Previous biomarkers developed through the Genialis ResponderID framework have been validated to predict patient response to targeted therapeutics in myriad solid tumor types and for a wide variety of approved and investigational drugs with different targets and mechanisms of action (MOA).

“KRAS has been the white whale of cancer drug targets for decades. Kudos to the chemists and drug developers who’ve cracked the nut,” said Rafael Rosengarten, Ph.D., CEO of Genialis.. “Now Genialis is excited to apply ResponderID to ensure these drugs reach the right patients at the right time.”

Genialis will present its poster, “ResponderID KRAS: Biology-Driven Machine Learning to Personalize KRAS Inhibitor Therapeutics,” on Wednesday, September 27 at 3:30 p.m. For more information on ResponderID or to make an appointment with Genialis to learn more, please visit

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Genialis, the RNA biomarker company, is creating a world where healthcare delivers the best possible outcomes for patients, their families and communities. ResponderID™, Genialis’ machine-learning-driven disease modeling platform, delivers actionable biomarkers and optimally positions novel drugs to accelerate translational research, streamline drug development and ensure the best possible clinical care. Genialis is trusted by pharma and diagnostics partners, and together, we are transforming medicine through data. For more information, please visit

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