Mobile App Owner Takes on Backyard Breeding Crisis, Launches Petition to Regulate Industry

Casuality of Backyard Breeding

A mobile app owner has decided to tackle the issue of backyard breeding by launching a petition to regulate the industry.

"By allowing inexperienced individuals to turn their basements into breeding labs and sell animals online, we turning a blind eye to unethical breeding.”
— Elizabeth Menegon
STAMFORD, CT, USA, September 26, 2023 / -- Elizabeth Menegon, the owner of a popular mobile app hands2paws is stepping up to address the alarming rise of backyard breeding. Menegon has recently launched a petition aimed at regulating this uncontrolled industry at the local, state, and federal levels.

While success has been made in many states banning the sale of puppies in pet stores, Menegon believes that the focus also needs to shift towards the backyard breeders and online puppy sales epidemic. This cash-driven and unregulated industry is not only enabling breeders to make quick profits but also leaving unsuspecting owners heartbroken, burdened with veterinary debt, and, in some tragic cases, even losing their beloved pets.

Menegon acknowledges that an outright ban on breeding is not realistic but she firmly believes that a checks and balance system can be implemented to manage the industry responsibly. She emphasizes the urgency of addressing this issue, stating, "It is outrageous that anyone can start a puppy business in their basement, set up a website and charge exorbitant fees, all while operating without any oversight. We need to take responsibility and implement a plan”

One of the most heart-wrenching aspects of backyard breeding, according to Menegon, is the puppies born with severe genetic defects. These puppies often suffer from blindness, double limbs, missing limbs, and other genetic compromises that result in chronic health issues. Sadly, these unsellable or unmarketable puppies are often dumped at rescues and shelters, where caring individuals step in to rescue them, sometimes when they are just hours old. Menegon highlights the devastating impact on breeds like the French Bulldogs, which are particularly affected by these unethical breeding practices. Not to mention the terrible breeders that abandon their dogs once they have nearly bred them to death. These dogs end up dumped in fields, tied outside of rescue organizations or just neglected until they die.

To garner support for her cause, Menegon aims to collect a significant number of signatures on her petition, which will hopefully draw the attention of any political figures interested in animal welfare to rally support for her proposed bill. She understands that achieving this goal will not happen overnight but believes that raising awareness and mobilizing the public is the first step towards change.

Menegon encourages concerned citizens to visit the website and learn more about backyard browsing and how to get involved, contact your state representative and sign the petition.

Donations are not necessary, just your signature is the contribution needed to bring attention to the issue of unregulated backyard breeding.

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