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Just Us Bridge Launches Free Legal Training with Eviction Defense Episodes

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Just Us Bridge - Illinois Eviction Defense

Just Us Bridge - Illinois Eviction Defense

Program Teaches Residents of Illinois to represent themselves in court, without a laywer.

We have finally delivered a way for nonlawyers to take money out of the equation for how they access justice. Our courses are fun and informative but, moreover, they are needed.”
— Jim Winner
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023 / -- Jim Winner, Professional Litigant and Program Director of Just Us Bridge, will launch the first episodes for Eviction Defense on May 8, 2023. The free program teaches people with no training in the law how to defend themselves in civil cases. The program is made possible through a $1.1 million grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIA).

The Just Us Bridge online learning program is 100 percent free and requires no credit or debit card. The training is delivered digitally and can be accessed 24/7 via computer or mobile device. Participants learn at their own pace.

Designed for Westside Chicago residents, the training is open to all Illinois residents who qualify. Some participants will also be eligible to earn a $100 Visa gift card when they enroll in any four courses and complete required work.

Hosted by Winner, episodes are presented in a late night, satirical news show format. All the complex information and terms are presented in plain, easy to understand language. Each episode comes with a handbook detailing legal terms, examples, laws, and court forms. Episodes are accompanied by quizzes to reinforce what’s been learned.

Eviction Defense training walks individuals through every step of the eviction process and what to expect in court. Participants learn about preparing evidence and different motions that can be used. The training explores how the Early Resolution Program can be utilized to avoid going to trial, and when it’s prudent to request a jury trial.

Rule 237 Notices are explored and Citation to Discover assets is addressed if individuals are seeking money. Individuals learn common mistakes landlords make with an eviction notice, countering landlord claims, appeals, and stays of enforcement. Participants learn how to prevent an eviction from going on their record. Use and Occupancy is discussed, a tactic often used by landlords to get rent without calling it rent.

There’s no guarantee that an individual will win an eviction battle. Just Us Bridge prepares individuals with critical information, strategies, and legal techniques they can use to defend themselves in court. The free online program reveals seemingly hidden rules and laws that can assist people in obtaining a favorable outcome, while providing equitable access to the law.


About Jim Winner
Jim Winner founded Professional Litigant, a pro se legal info group for nonlawyers. He created “Seek, Destroy and Enjoy: The Ultimate Demand Letter for Illegal Credit Pulls” and wrote “How to Get What They Owe You.” He's successfully represented himself in 10’s of legal cases.

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