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Perigee Direct Introduces Adhesives Set, Maven EAF110 and Maven MMA 3005-B, Transforming Industrial Applications

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2023 / -- Perigee Direct, a vanguard in sustainable industry solutions, announces the launch of two remarkable adhesives designed for diverse material bonding and crafted for precision.

Perigee Direct, dedicated to reshaping the industrial adhesive landscape, proudly unveils its newest products—the Maven EAF110 (EAF410) and the Maven MMA 3005-B. These products, tailored for businesses interested in cartridge, epoxy, and adhesive-related products, are set to redefine bonding standards across industries.

The Maven Flexible Epoxy EAF110, also termed EAF410, is a versatile two-component adhesive. Engineered for room-temperature operations, its bonding capabilities span materials like Steel, Aluminum, and many Plastics. Beyond its primary bonding materials, its utility extends to ceramics, fiberboards, and even rubber. Notably, it achieves full cure in 48 hours following a 20-minute working period. Its attributes, such as an impressive shear strength of 3500 psi, make it stand out. Paired with dispensers like the MixPac 50ml Dispenser, its efficiency shines.

The Maven MMA 3005-B, a methacrylate adhesive, complements this by offering robust structural bonding. Its ability to bond without prior surface preparation or priming sets this adhesive apart. Its swift application and a 3-6-minute open time ensure rapid operations, a feature greatly appreciated in time-sensitive projects. The adhesive's adaptability is evident in its robust bonding capabilities across substrates. Its black hue, resistance to water and solvents, and remarkable mechanical strength classify it as a top-tier adhesive. While the application is hassle-free, safety guidelines, such as using gloves and safety glasses, are advised.

"Perigee Direct's introduction of the Maven EAF110 and Maven MMA 3005-B is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions," remarked a representative for Perigee Direct. "Our goal is not just to meet industry standards but to set new ones. We believe these products will be instrumental in achieving that."

As industries evolve and demands grow more complex, reliable and efficient bonding solutions become paramount. The introduction of Maven EAF110 and Maven MMA 3005-B by Perigee Direct is not merely the launch of two products but a step towards the future of adhesive technology.

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