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Pizza Ovens Melbourne Launches Traditional Range Wood Fired Ovens

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, September 21, 2023 / -- Pizza Ovens Melbourne, a locally owned and operated family business, proudly announces the launch of its Traditional Range Wood Fired Ovens. Established in 2023, the company has meticulously crafted these ovens to provide authentic wood-fired pizza experiences for pizza enthusiasts.

Pizza Ovens Melbourne, situated at Shop 3, 430 Bourke St, Melbourne Victoria, has emerged as the ultimate destination for wood-fired oven aficionados. The company's dedication to preserving the genuine taste of traditionally cooked pizzas sets it apart in the market.

"Team members are thrilled to introduce the Traditional Range Wood Fired Ovens to the community," said the Spokesperson at Pizza Ovens Melbourne. "These ovens represent the culmination of the passion for wood-fired cooking and the commitment to delivering high-quality products."

Designed with simplicity and efficiency, Pizza Ovens Melbourne's DIY packages have garnered significant attention. These packages are among the most sought-after and top-selling pizza oven kits available in Melbourne. They provide customers with all the essential components required to build and enjoy their own wood-fired pizza oven. Detailed, step-by-step guidelines, pre-cut elements, and pre-mixed renders make the construction process a breeze, eliminating the complexities often associated with such projects.

Pizza Ovens Melbourne offers wood-fired ovens in two distinct ranges – the Traditional Range and the Wildfire Range. The Traditional Range features a classic black front arch, providing a rustic and timeless appearance. In contrast, the Wildfire Range boasts a stainless steel front arch, catering to those with a preference for a more modern aesthetic. Regardless of the range, each model is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of regular use.

At the heart of these wood-fired ovens lies a premium quality cast refractory dome, expertly insulated with a thermal ceramic blanket. This insulation ensures that the inside of the oven can reach cooking temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Celsius while maintaining cool external walls, guaranteeing safety during operation.

"When customers invest in the wood-fired pizza oven kit, they gain access to a range of premium features," the spokesperson continued. "These include unique steel-reinforced refractory materials, locally manufactured stainless steel flue and hat, a variety of luxury granite or stainless steel finishes, and the freedom to choose their preferred render colour. Additionally, each kit includes a stainless steel pizza paddle, enhancing the overall cooking experience."

Pizza Ovens Melbourne takes pride in utilising locally sourced Beverly Clay for its steel-reinforced refractory materials, supporting the local community and ensuring the highest quality for its customers. The inclusion of a locally manufactured stainless steel flue and hat, in conjunction with the choice of luxury finishes, allows customers to tailor their pizza oven to suit their individual preferences and style.

As Pizza Ovens Melbourne launches its Traditional Range Wood Fired Ovens, it looks ahead to a promising future. "The commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to continue innovating and expanding the product offerings," the Spokesperson stated. "Team members are dedicated to being the go-to destination for wood-fired cooking enthusiasts across Melbourne."

Pizza Ovens Melbourne invites all pizza lovers and DIY enthusiasts to explore their showroom at Shop 3, 430 Bourke St, Melbourne Victoria. With the launch of the Traditional Range Wood-Fired Ovens, the company reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional wood-fired cooking experiences to the local community.

For more information about Pizza Ovens Melbourne and its range of wood-fired ovens, please contact the company at (03) 9070 5641 or email

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Pizza Ovens Melbourne
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