Immunophotonics Announces 1st Patient Dosed in Multinational Clinical trial in France

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, US, September 21, 2023 / -- Immunophotonics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel immune-activating drugs, has announced the recruitment and the dosing of its first patient in France at Hôpital Foch in Suresnes. Immunophotonics is currently screening patients at additional study sites in France for treatment of colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma at Institut Bergonie – Bordeaux, Pitie – Salpetriere (AP-HP Sorbonne Université), and Gustave Roussy in Paris.

Immunophotonics is sponsoring this multi-national clinical trial, which is denominated alternatively as IP-IIO-622 or INJECTABL-1 and will assess the safety and efficacy of its lead asset, IP001, in multiple solid tumor indications. The principal objective of this study is to evaluate the immunologically mediated anticancer effects of IP-001 injected following the use of thermal ablation in patients with advanced solid tumors. Thermal ablation is an approved and well-established procedure that is readily available at most hospitals and clinics. While ablation is routinely used to reduce a patient’s tumor burden and eliminate targeted tumors, the effects of this routine intervention are local, with limited immunological benefits. This new strategy could provide such benefits to patients by transforming a tumor ablation into a systemic immunotherapy – igniting the body’s immune system to attack cancer at the site of ablation and beyond.

Immunophotonics CEO Lu Alleruzzo remarked: “I am inspired by the tremendous progress made to advance our clinical trials forward with the goal of providing IP-001 to patients in need as quickly as possible and am grateful for the opportunity to gain valuable insights from the talented individuals at our trial sites in France.”

Professor Jaafar Bennouna, MD, PhD, who serves as the Principal Investigator and head of the medical oncology at Hôpital Foch, stated: “We look forward to the continued progress of the INJECTABL-1 trial and the opportunity to provide cancer patients in France with the potential benefits of this innovative treatment.”

Dr. Thierry de Baere serves as both the National Coordinating Investigator for the clinical trials in France and Principal Investigator at Gustave Roussy. Dr. de Baere, who is the Head of Interventional Radiology at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center (known to be one of the world’s best oncology hospitals) and is a professor of medicine at the Paris-Saclay University in Paris, remarked: “I am happy to report that the first treatment with Immunophotonics in a patient suffering from lung metastases from colorectal origin went well, and three metastases could be treated by RFA and intra-tumoral injection. We intend to continue treating this patient and others as part of the clinical trial and are eager to see how this new approach to oncology treatment may benefit patients suffering from cancer.”

More information about the IP-IIO-622 / INJECTABL-1 clinical trial and enrollment can be found at:

About IP-001
IP-001 is a proprietary glycan polymer that acts both as an antigen depot and a potent immune stimulant capable of inducing immunological responses against cancer. It is designed to (1) prolong the availability of the target antigens (whether it is sourced through formulation or tumoricidal therapies), (2) facilitate the recruitment and activation of innate immune cells such as antigen-presenting cells (APCs), (3) increase the uptake of the tumor antigens into the APCs, and (4) lead to a potent downstream adaptive immune response against the antigenic targets. This ignited systemic, adaptive immune response then seeks out and eliminates its target throughout the body.

About Immunophotonics
Immunophotonics, Inc. is a privately owned clinical-stage biotech company pioneering the field of Interventional Immuno-Oncology™. IP-001, the first asset from the company’s intellectual property platform, has the potential to overcome the local defenses of the tumor microenvironment to enable a tumor-specific anticancer immune response in multiple solid tumor indications. The company is in early Phase 2 development and is based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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