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Younet Launches Beta Demo Version of its Unique Disruptive Rabbit AI 24/7 Personal Assistant

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 21, 2023/ -- Younet is pleased to announce the successful completion of testing on its innovative Rabbit AI personal assistant platform. This platform allows individual users to access several AI expertise models such as a Sales Manager, Creative Writer, Business Data Analyst, Support Manager, and Legal Assistant among others.

Younet management believes the Rabbit AI platform has potential to redefine how companies can operate efficiently. One user of Younet’s platform can potentially assist or even replace multiple back-office departments that may be redundant or inefficient.

To further showcase its capabilities, Younet has released a video demo of the platform with link below. The video was entirely produced using AI tools, with the script being crafted by Rabbit Ai, removing the requirement for a human copywriter or editor.

This project has secured financial support from Stock Trend Capital (CSE:PUMP, PINK:STOCF) an investment issuer focused on AI technologies.

For more information on Rabbit AI or to arrange a demonstration please contact Younet at

For media inquiries, please contact:
Matt Rasner, Younet Public Relations

About Younet

Younet’s mission is to advance machine intelligence for the positive enhancement of its users work. Evolving from a groundbreaking idea in 2021, Younet is committed to automating human tasks through AI. Through innovation, Younet is determined to making its users work easier and more efficient.

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