EDRM Announces Platforms Incorporating Email Duplicate Identification Specification: EDRM MIH


Leading the way for global best practices in e-discovery

EDRM Announces Platforms Incorporating Email Duplicate Identification Specification: EDRM MIH

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I encourage lawyers, eDiscovery & forensic professionals, service providers, regulators and courts to start requesting the EDRM MIH in productions now to gain the benefits in the future!"”
— Beth Patterson, director at ESPconnect and project trustee

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, September 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Leading the way for global best practices in e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to announce that the EDRM Cross Platform Email Duplicate Identification Specification for the EDRM MIH is now supported in four leading eDiscovery platforms, in the Reveal platform, in Relativity through the Law in Order EDRM MIH Relativity Application, in EDT and in Nuix Neo.

The EDRM Cross-Platform Email Duplicate Identification Specification is an important development in the field of eDiscovery and information management. This specification provides a framework for identifying duplicates across multiple email platforms, allowing organizations to identify duplicate emails efficiently and effectively in a defensible and cost-effective manner. Currently no means of cross platform email duplicate identification exists, except to reprocess the data using a single vendor platform, often expending significant time and cost.

The solution is a simple, but effective approach which involves the use of the hash value of an email Message ID metadata field which is EDRM MIH. This new approach will not replace current vendor email deduplication methods but will enable cross platform email duplicate identification.

“We are really excited that Reveal, Relativity working with Law in Order, EDT, and Nuix have incorporated the EDRM MIH support into their platforms. I would like to thank them for supporting this important EDRM initiative. I encourage all e-discovery platform providers to incorporate the EDRM MIH into their products," said Beth Patterson, director at ESPconnect. "Our global, multidisciplinary EDRM Committee, comprising legal technologists, forensic professionals, product developers, consultants and lawyers, believe the EDRM MIH has numerous applications that will save significant time and cost. I encourage lawyers, eDiscovery & forensic professionals, service providers, regulators and courts to start requesting the EDRM MIH in productions now to gain the benefits in the future!"

“We are proud to be one of the first eDiscovery platforms to implement the new EDRM MIH, offering yet another way to help improve the eDiscovery process,” said George Socha, vice president of brand awareness at Reveal and EDRM co-founder.

“We value the opportunity to participate in this collaborative EDRM DupeID project and look forward to our customers taking advantage of the benefits from the EDRM MIH Relativity App developed by our partner Law In Order,” said Cristin Traylor, director of law firm strategy at Relativity. “This is an excellent example of the e-discovery community coming together to change how legal professionals practice law. We’re excited for the industry to have this long-awaited solution to the cross-platform deduplication challenge.”

“Law In Order is an avid supporter of the EDRM DupeID project and has developed the EDRM MIH Relativity App which generates EDRM Hash values in Relativity,” said Murali Baddula, chief digital officer at Law In Order Pty Ltd. “This app is a critical component in streamlining cross-platform duplicate identification. Not only does it enhance the value within the Relativity Community but also provides significant benefits to all clients of Law In Order.”

"It was a privilege to collaborate with the smartest people in our sector to develop the EDRM MIH Specification and Email Duplicate Guidelines,” said Jo Sherman, CEO and founder, EDT. “It’s rare indeed to have an opportunity to work together across competitive lines to achieve a tangible, practical outcome that will deliver benefits across the eDiscovery spectrum. Thank you to Beth Patterson and the EDRM team for driving this initiative. Our EDT platform is being enhanced to support the specification and we look forward to releasing it to our clients before the end of the year."

“Nuix has taken a leap forward by building native integration and support for EDRM MIH within Nuix Neo,” said Stephen Stewart, CTO, Nuix. “This integration empowers customers to effortlessly generate EDRM MIH values during their data processing, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency.”

“EDRM is grateful to the project team that collaborated across competitors and time zones to create a specification with the possibility of saving money and being more efficient in eDiscovery,” said Mary Mack, CISSP, EDRM CEO and chief legal technologist.

"The strength of the EDRM MIH springs from its simplicity and economy,” said Craig Ball, EDRM general counsel, special master and Texas litigator. “Pairing decades-old technologies in an innovative way, the EDRM MIH enables cross-platform duplicate identification--an unprecedented, disruptive capability that seamlessly integrates with existing tools and workflows. The EDRM MIH is more than simply a great idea that's been rigorously developed and tested; it's an open-source, collaborative effort of leading companies and technologists backed by the integrity and influence of the EDRM. I'm proud to be part of the EDRM MIH development team."

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