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Edna Harding of Favor and Wealth to be Featured on Close Up Radio

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2023/ -- Whether you're an entrepreneur or a seasoned executive aiming for the C-suite, you know that 'true success' isn’t just a phrase—it’s a lifestyle. But let's face it, the grind to the top can often feel like a treadmill to nowhere. What if you could break that cycle? What if you could marry business success with soulful fulfillment? One of the best ways is by hiring a highly qualified professional that can help you achieve a higher state of performance, identify blind spots, clarify goals, and unlock your potential so you can become the most effective leader, valuable contributor, and create more meaningful impact.

Meet Edna Harding – The Catalyst to Your Life’s BEST Chapter. She is far more than just a seasoned Business and Personal Growth Strategist. With esteemed titles like Certified Maxwell Leadership Business Consultant, Executive Life Coach, Trainer, Master Mindset Coach, and Visionary behind Favor and Wealth, Edna is the person you have been waiting for to elevate your life and business.

Favor and Wealth is not your run-of-the-mill growth strategy firm – you get more than a consultant; you get a partnership. Edna's Biblically-inspired approach crafts custom strategies that make your life and your ledger equally rewarding. Edna is committed to catalyzing positive transformational change for individuals, organizations, and businesses across the globe.

Edna’s groundbreaking offerings are about cultivating your double bottom line: financial prosperity and soulful peace. Whether you're a startup wonder or a corner-office executive, your inner wellbeing matters as much as those quarterly reports. With Edna, you get the skills to tackle both. Through her unique coaching Edna offers the tools, strategies, and skills to build a thriving business and a joyful life.

Edna’s no-holds-barred podcast, The Estherpreneur, is a reservoir of practical and spiritual wisdom that has something for everyone—from the small business owner to the Fortune 500 executive. If you're looking to up your game, this is your playbook. Edna delves deep into integrating God’s Ways into everyday business life interactions.

Edna is a dedicated advocate for women's empowerment, focusing on mental, physical, and financial resilience. She's led women's groups in both church and public sectors, mentoring in areas like business, financial competency, and improving quality of life.

Through Edna’s signature programs, she focuses on both internal and external wealth. Edna knows that true happiness begins within. Conquering inner conflicts is essential for sustainable success, says Edna, because success is not just a bulging bank account- it’s a holistic life that honors God and serves others. Her work primarily supports individuals struggling with anxiety, confusion, and stress because it is critical to deal with our internal struggles that are physically and mentally exhausting. Once we recognize our inner conflicts, we become enlightened and self- aware of the areas we need to improve on because we can never become successful if we are suffering within. And while money can bring you happiness to some extent like helping us pay our bills, it should never be our main objective and will never solve our issues and challenges.

In her groundbreaking coaching programs, Edna equips her client’s evidence-based strategies to enhance self-awareness, fostering crystal-clear clarity in how they view themselves. Open to genuine feedback and fresh viewpoints, her clients are primed to make better decisions, forge more robust relationships, and elevate their communication skills — all of which directly contribute to increasing business profitability. But Edna's approach goes beyond the bottom line. It's a transformative journey aimed at cultivating a high-performance leadership mindset that empowers you to lead a purpose-driven life. Edna’s goal is to help us peel back the layers of ourselves like a banana and embrace authentic living which is essential for our personal growth.

As a Business Life strategist, she emphasizes taking care of every aspect of one’s life and helping people prosper personally and professionally. She is a willing vessel that allows God to use her in every sector of the marketplace. She believes that all her clients are children of God whether they believe in Him or not and treats them as such.

Edna maintains a firm commitment to aligning her practice with Biblical principles and will not work with anyone who does things that goes against God’s Word. She holds the conviction that by conducting business and living life in accordance with God's instructions, individuals unlock unparalleled potential, experience boundless joy, and lead a life rich in purpose, love, integrity, empowerment, kindness, and prosperity.

Recipient of numerous awards, including the Woman of the Year by the National Association for Professional Women, KHOU Local Business Coach of Choice for Houston, and Paul Harris Fellow Award by Rotary International, Edna’s accolades speak volumes. With a track record of securing over $500M for clients she has coached and past employers, she's not just a fountain of wisdom and strategy; she's a proven powerhouse in driving measurable results. She has been featured on Biz Talk Radio, Money Matters, Fox and Friends, Real Beauty Real Women, The Tao of Self Confidence, JCCEOs, ABC, and countless others. She has also served on various executive boards globally. Edna's hands-on expertise spans B2B Sales, management, global implementation, recruiting, marketing, and more. Edna's portfolio is rich, but her life roles are richer. Beyond her professional prowess, she’s a military wife, a loving mom of two, but also an ordained minister, and an author of the eye-opening book “The Ugly Side of Sales.

Ready to fast-track your journey to unbounded success and divine fulfillment? Whether you're a high-achieving executive or a fearless entrepreneur, you can't afford to miss Edna's live online training intensive, The Prosperity Blueprint, happening throughout the year! Led by Edna herself, you'll uncover breakthrough strategies and divine insights that will elevate both your business and personal life.

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