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Introducing: ZENCON Rio de Janeiro 2023

From September 16 to 21, join visionary minds and entrepreneurial pioneers in a dynamic hackathon

RIO DE JANEIRO, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, September 15, 2023/ -- ZENCON Rio de Janeiro 2023 offers a unique platform for individuals and teams to elevate their skills, showcase their talents, and leave a lasting impact on the evolving landscape of DeFi and blockchain. This annual coding event is more than just a competition; it's an opportunity to foster collaboration, innovation, and the forging of new technological frontiers.

This event challenges participants to surpass their limits and compete with some of the world's most innovative developers. It's not just about showcasing abilities; it's about immersing in an environment that thrives on pushing boundaries and fostering groundbreaking ideas.

With a remarkable prize pool of 100,000 USDT, ZENCON Rio 2023 raises the stakes, making it an experience like no other. Innovation is rewarded and celebrated, and the future of DeFi is actively shaped by those with the audacity to dream big.

ZENCON is more than a hackathon; it combines:

- Entrepreneurs
- Coders
- Computer programmers, and
- Blockchain industry partners.

Here, ideas are exchanged, partnerships are strengthened, and innovative solutions are born. It's a dynamic platform to forge new connections, explore emerging technologies, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of blockchain.

Be Part of the Revolution: ZENCON Rio 2023 transcends the boundaries of a traditional event; it's an experience that can shape the future of DeFi and blockchain technology.

About ZENCON: Introduced in 2022, ZENCON is an annual hackathon where participants come together in a fun and entertaining environment to strengthen their collaboration, forge new technological innovations, and produce creative ideas and solutions. More information about ZENCON can be found by visiting

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