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Trendsetting Program for Entrepreneurs and Executives to Get Unstuck and Find X-factor

Gina Maier Vincent

Gina Maier Vincent, Creatrix of Exquisitely Aligned, has been stretching her clients' personal boundaries for 20 years.

Purpose, Possibilites and Prosecco

Purpose, Possibilities and Prosecco... a trend-setting private 2-hour transformative experience that is exceeding the demands of fast-paced, eager-for-change, high-achieving business leaders.

Gina Maier Vincent Purpose, Possibilities and Prosecco

A unique (in-person or virtual) celebration of one's exquisiteness offers a value-rich, results-driven, and lasting transformative experience.

Gina Maier Vincent launches “Purpose, Possibilities, and Prosecco,” a private 2-hour transformative experience.

My life has been full of twists and turns. The New Yorker in me cannot sit back and let someone remain stagnant or waste time. I help people go deep into the soul so they can live Exquisitely Aligned.”
— Gina Maier Vincent

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2023/ -- Gina Maier Vincent created Purpose, Possibilities, and Prosecco to bring a value-rich, results-driven, and lasting transformative experience exceeding the demands of fast-paced, eager-for-change high-achieving entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders. Attendees get unstuck and find their X-factor through individually curated, private 2-hour sessions (in person or virtually), where they have the spotlight shining on their life’s purpose and possibilities. The clarity they receive moves them to instantly take bold and courageous action, causing a profound shift in business and life.

“I'm passionate about Purpose, Possibilities, and Prosecco, a proven experience that shifts people in their business and life, bringing clarity to where their energy drains are, where they should focus, and how to start that same day. You see, I'm a New Yorker by birth. I move fast. And I don't sugarcoat things. I guide people through a transformative journey. And that journey can be short, sweet, and should be celebrated with something bubbly,” says Gina Maier Vincent of Exquisitely Aligned.

This revolutionary, one-of-a-kind program is needed in the world today. People are investing in self-improvement more than ever, with the promise of a profound change in their lives - and become confused and frustrated when relief does not come. The problem often lies in coaches encouraging clients to look outside themselves for answers instead of within.

"Transformation is an inside journey – a unique and personal one, deep to the soul of one’s heartfelt desires,” says Gina Maier Vincent. “Today, people want more out of life, which has led to an increased demand for life coaches. To fill the void, most coaches give up one-on-one work in order to cash in with groups. Sadly, this one-size-fits-all approach fails 8 out of 10 people. The cashing of the coaching industry costs the client more time, money, and energy with minimal results.”

Unlike traditional coaching programs, this holistic and avant-garde approach combines:

1) Time-tested ancient and modern face-reading techniques
2) New-age transformation methods that work
3) A never-done-before 2-hour timeframe to get instant results
4) The spotlight on the individual’s X-factor

“The face reading is the perfect ‘rocket launch’ for your long-lasting transformation. Your face is key - it is the diary of your life. I help you discover the hidden truths of your past, present, and future through the unique features of your face,” says Sabine Kaiser, Face Reading and Behavioral Expert.

Created by two experts in their respective fields, the program is led by Gina Maier Vincent and Sabine Kaiser, who are visionaries and passionate promoters of forward movement.

What one can expect from Purpose, Possibilities, and Prosecco:

• Learn how to recognize and release limiting beliefs and mindset blocks
• Personalized guidance and support from two experts in complementary fields
• How to figure out the next steps toward infinite possibilities
• Crystal clear clarity regarding one’s X-factor to live life more purposefully
• How to acknowledge driving motivators and energy drains to get in a flow
• A newfound sense of confidence to live unapologetically
• A unique celebration of one’s exquisiteness

About Sabine Kaiser

Sabine is a holistic face reading and behavioral expert who utilizes modern and ancient methods and body language interpretation to translate all information into a life-changing personal message for her clients. With her unique skill set, she helps people worldwide reconnect with themselves to uncover their true purpose, understand their personality traits, primary motivators, and talents, and enhance their relationships in their private and business lives. After working with Sabine, individuals and business leaders clearly understand themselves, others, and situations, have higher self-esteem, enhanced relationships, improved communication skills, and more success and revenue in business.

About Gina Maier Vincent

Gina Maier Vincent, a transformation expert, has been stretching her high-achieving clients' personal boundaries for twenty years. In 2017, she founded Blissed-Out, Fit & Feisty. Now, Gina is the Creatrix of Exquisitely Aligned, a 3-step proven system. She hosts the Exquisitely Aligned show found on Experts & Authors TV as well as the Exquisitely Aligned podcast. Gina has appeared on A Quest for Well-Being Podcast, Dare to be Authentic Radio, and has been seen in Greet Coto de Caza, KRON-TV, KTXL-TV (FOX40), and more. Visit the Exquisitely Aligned website here: or go
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