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Haiku Inc Secures Venture Capital Funding to Fuel Growth and Innovation

Haiku Inc.

Haiku Inc., a visionary trailblazer in immersive cybersecurity education, proudly announces a monumental leap forward in its journey.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2023/ -- Haiku Inc., a visionary trailblazer in immersive cybersecurity education, proudly announces a monumental leap forward in its journey. The company has successfully secured an infusion of venture capital funding of an undisclosed amount to turbocharge its mission of reshaping the cybersecurity training landscape.

Haiku Inc.'s pioneering approach to cybersecurity education ingeniously converges the domains of gaming, immersive technology, and real-world learning into a seamless and transformative experience. Drawing inspiration from the captivating techniques employed by video games, Haiku's methodology immerses users in a "flow state," a phenomenon shown to elevate learning potential by a remarkable 500%, as substantiated by a study conducted by McKinsey & Company. Haiku's acclaimed products have found a home in diverse educational settings, from K12 schools to institutions of higher learning, as well as within the corporate corridors of Fortune 500 giants. Moreover, the U.S. federal government, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), entrusts Haiku's solutions to fortify their cybersecurity education initiatives.

This transformative funding round, spearheaded by the prestigious Kelly Ventures I LP, marks an emphatic stride in Haiku Inc.'s mission to democratize cybersecurity education and bridge the formidable skills gap in this pivotal field. Accompanying the visionary Kelly Ventures I LP, The Veteran Fund and the acclaimed Andy Serwin have also joined as investors, with both Chris Kelly of Kelly Ventures I LP and Andy Serwin taking influential positions on the board.

Eric Basu, CEO of Haiku Inc., affirmed, "With this strategic investment, Haiku, Inc. is poised to ascend to new heights. Our newest partners, including Andy Serwin, a global luminary in privacy law, and Chris Kelly, renowned as the first general counsel at Facebook and a pioneer in blockchain technology investments, are set to propel Haiku toward redefining game-based training and skill mapping for bolstering corporate cyber risk resilience through advanced training methodologies."

Chris Kelly, Managing Partner of Kelly Ventures I LP, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Kelly Ventures is thrilled to embark on this journey with Haiku. Their game-based training platform represents the future of training, and in conjunction with our blockchain expertise, promises to unveil groundbreaking approaches to cybersecurity training and talent management."

Haiku Inc.'s flagship offerings, Haiku and Haiku Pro, have garnered universal acclaim for their ability to captivate learners from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. By immersing learners in a state of "flow" through a gaming experience, these products transcend traditional training methods, rendering cybersecurity education accessible and enjoyable. Haiku’s Forge tool allows users to use a no-code, drag and drop interface to build their own custom cybersecurity training.

The newly secured investment will be strategically allocated to drive several key initiatives, including:

Product Expansion: Haiku Inc. will further enhance its product lineup to cater to the evolving needs of businesses seeking to fortify their cyber risk resilience and educational institutions intent on nurturing the next generation of cyber professionals.

Blockchain Integration: With the infusion of capital and the guidance of Kelly Ventures, Haiku will seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into its tech stack, opening up novel avenues in cybersecurity training.

Market Reach Expansion: Haiku Inc. is charting a course to extend its global footprint by venturing into new markets and forging strategic alliances with educational institutions and organizations.

Top-Notch Talent: The funding will empower Haiku Inc. to scout and recruit top-tier talent across various departments, infusing fresh innovation and turbocharging growth.

Haiku Inc.'s steadfast commitment to addressing the cybersecurity skills gap has earned accolades from industry stalwarts, educational institutions, and learners worldwide. Their ingenious solutions have garnered prestigious recognition, including Fast Company's 2023 Innovation by Design Award.

About Haiku Inc: Haiku, Inc. pioneers the frontier of cybersecurity education, harnessing the immersive allure of video game-inspired training to equip individuals with indispensable cybersecurity skills. Their groundbreaking methodology consistently surpasses conventional teaching approaches, earning the trust of esteemed educational institutions, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations. Embark on a journey into the future of cybersecurity education with Haiku, Inc.

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