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American Hyperion Solar in Alabama Partners with Grape Solar in Oregon to Distribute Made in America Solar Panels

The Deal Secured Supply Chain for Gigawatt of Solar Panels Made in Alabama

Leading Solar Panel Manufacturer in Alabama Forms Strategic Relationship with Grape Solar in Oregon

— Ocean Yuan
LAS VEGAS , NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2023/ -- American Hyperion Solar, an immediate Giga factory in the United States, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Grape Solar, a nationwide solar distributor and solar industrial park developer in Oregon.

During the signing ceremony witnessed by a crowd of exhibitors and visitors at RE+ show in Las Vegas yesterday, Chairman and CEO, Dr. Longzhong Tao, commented:

"American Hyperion Solar is a fast growing U.S. solar panel manufacturer based in Huntsville, Alabama with over a million square feet of manufacturing space. We are probably one of the very few manufacturers in the United States that is able to actually deliver Gigawatts of high performance solar panels in the next few months, rather than a few years. We are excited to partner with Grape Solar, a company that has 15 years of solid reputation in the U.S. solar distribution arena."

"Selecting long term partnership in the supply chain is challenging, particularly locally in the U.S.A. where choices are limited. But we believe we have chosen the right manufacturing partner to work with, due to the following advantages American Hyperion Solar presents:

1) American Hyperion Solar has the world's top solar cell manufacturing capacity with several dozen GW capacity worldwide and expanding;

2) American Hyperion Solar's founder Dr. Tao is young and entrepreneurial with deep root in solar industry: Fraunhofer ISE in Germany;

3) American Hyperion Solar is executing its Alabama solar panel manufacturing capability at a lightning speed that sets them apart from a lot of competitors;

4) American Hyperion Solar's roadmap is clear: from PERC to Topcon, from module manufacturing to cell manufacturing, from Asia to America.

Just like Grape Solar, American Hyperion Solar believes in partnership and strategic alliances, rather than "I DO IT ALL" and "Me Too" strategy, we understand our strengths and weaknesses, understand the industry's pain points, and believe "Trust" and "Credibility" are the only currencies in the business world," Commented Ocean Yuan, founder and CEO of Grape Solar, "we look forward to this partnership that will enhance our ALL THINGS MADE IN AMERICA strategy. This is further evidenced that our business model is scalable: we can continue to deliver high quality solar panels to our customers in all 50 states, at the lowest possible cost on time, every time," Ocean Yuan, founder and CEO of Grape Solar commented at the press conference at RE+ Show in Las Vegas yesterday.

ABOUT American Hyperion Solar: based in Huntsville, Alabama, American Hyperion Solar is to deliver multi gigawatt of solar panels made in its million square foot manufacturing facility later this year or early 2024. Hyperion is the module brand launched by Runergy group for the US market in 2021. Runergy is ranked#3 globally for PV cell sales by PVInfoLink from 2019 to 2022. Currently it has 50,000 tons of polysilicon capacity and over 25GW cell capacity around the world. Its Thailand facilities have over 5.5GW high-efficiency cell capacity and a 2GW module capacity and expanding: In 2023, it will add 7GW N-type cell capacity and 7GW module capacity, providing more high-quality modules to North American customers. Its PV products are in compliance with all U.S. laws and regulations. Hyperion passed a strict factory audit conducted by Munich Re for its bankability.
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ABOUT Grape Solar: founded in 2009 by Ocean Yuan, an award-winning entrepreneur deeply rooted in Eugene, Oregon, with University of Oregon background, Grape Solar pioneered solar panel distribution channels with the nation's leading big box retailers such as Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Grainers, etc. Grape Solar has been the center piece of ALL THINGS SOLAR MADE IN AMERICA initiative with a U.S. Solar Industrial Parks concept which is a virtual network of manufacturers in the United States to satisfy domestic content requirements under Inflation Reduction Act rules. The goal is to push for 100GW of solar products made in the U.S. soil in the next 8 to 12 years, with multi billion dollar investment, and creating thousands of high paying jobs in multiple states in the United States.

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