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Paper's purpose is to provide a foundation for bigger studies and useful resource for further testing to halt long COVID

American Journal of Infectious Diseases reports treatment to cure long COVID-19 symptoms

KANSAS CITY, MO, USA, October 18, 2023 / -- In a peer reviewed article, Harvard trained neurosurgeon Robert M. Beatty M.D. has recently published an article reporting his results in treating long COVID-19 symptoms in patients. His findings are released in the prestigious medical journal THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES.

The article is entitled, “Long COVID-19 Symptoms Remedied By Anti-Viral Treatment in Neurosurgical Patients”

Dr. Beatty's article reported a safe effective treatment for long COVID-19 symptoms.

The treatment cured or alleviated the symptoms of long COVID-19 in all (100%) patients receiving the treatment.

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES is considered THE medical journal for doctors treating infectious diseases. THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES is considered "must" reading for this speciality in the medical community. However, the medical journal does not reach a wide readership of physicians/surgeons let alone the general public. If this knowledge is to help those that need this help, Dr. Beatty’s results need to reach a wider audience than readers of a medical journal specific to one speciality of medicine.

The COVID-19 pandemic left many people with long COVID-19. Their symptoms are extensive and diverse, with no universal treatment. Dr. Beatty presents case histories of patients with diverse symptoms, each suffering from long COVID-19. Each case is unique and very diverse. The patient’s symptom resolved or greatly improved upon taking a commonly used and readily available anti-viral drug. The anti-viral drug is inexpensive and considered a safe drug to use.

Dr. Beatty also reported an unique and original scientific theory as to the pathophysiology of long COVID-19 symptoms and why the treatment worked in his article, “Long COVID-19 Symptoms Remedied By Anti-Viral Treatment in Neurosurgical Patients”

The cure from long COVID-19 could help thousands suffering with long COVID-19 symptoms.

The paper, before being published, was analyzed and scrutinized by experts in the field of infectious disease.

The purpose of the paper was to present Dr. Beatty's findings to experts that could analyze his findings, examine his theory and subsequently accept or reject his findings and theory. The paper accepted and published in THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE medical journal is the stamp of approval of medical and scientific experts in this particular medical speciality; infectious diseases.

The greater purpose of his paper was to provide a foundation for much bigger studies and a useful resource for further testing to halt long COVID-19. His purpose was to share his findings to the medical world. However, his theory needs to be made available to a greater audience. It needs to to be widely known, tried and further tested.

Dr. Beatty's needs to received credit for his unique contribution and to be recognized in the fight against long COVID-19

Dr. Beatty’s paper concludes with his hope other researchers will contribute to his observation. There is no monetary benefit to Dr. Robert M. Beatty M.D., his only reward is to receive the credit (and recognition) he deserves for this medical contribution in the fight against the virus of COVID-19 and it's long term effects.

This information needs to be released to the general public for the benefit of thousands suffering from long COVID-19.

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