Global Polyisoprene Market set to cross USD 2.3 Billion by 2032, says Prismane Consulting

Global Polyisoprene Market

Polyisoprene Market Demand Overview

Global Polyisoprene Market Overview

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 4, 2023/ -- Prismane Consulting is elated to announce the release of the latest edition of its report, "Global Polyisoprene Market - 2023". This market study explores the polyisoprene landscape, delving into its demand-supply dynamics and consumption patterns. The report describes the global polyisoprene market, with focus on major countries and their respective demand within various segments, technologies, and end-use industries. Applications of polyisoprene covered in the report include Tires, Rubber Goods, Medical, Footwear and Others. Market data of polyisoprene in terms of volume and value for each application at country and regional level has also been provided in the report.

The study provides a comprehensive analysis encompassing various critical factors, including macroeconomic influencers like population, GDP, and global economic integration, economic and energy forecasts, industry and policy advancements, end-use sector and application market insights, thorough reasoning and assessment, informative commentary, comparative analysis, latest trends, market dynamics, strategic considerations & recommendations, and business opportunity assessment.

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Polyisoprene is a synthetic rubber and has similar structure and properties to natural rubber. Polyisoprene is widely used in tire manufacturing and other rubber products. Owing to its strength and slightly superior properties like resilience low water swell, high gum tensile strength, good tack, and high tensile strength in comparison to natural rubber, Polyisoprene is preferred for tire manufacturing.
Beyond tire manufacturing, polyisoprene finds applications in a range of products, such as rubber bands, footwear, baby bottle nipples, hoses, and conveyor belts. In the medical industry, it is used to make surgical gloves, probe covers, and catheters. The various combinations and types of isoprene include black-loaded polyisoprene, gum polyisoprene compounds and mineral-filled. Medical is among the fastest growing applications.

In terms of demand, Central & Eastern Europe was the dominant player in the global polyisoprene market in 2022, followed by Asia Pacific and North America. Central & Eastern Europe is also the largest producer of polyisoprene in the world, all of which is concentrated in Russia. Producers in the country include Nizhnekamskneftekhim (NKNK), Sintez-Kauchuk (Sterlitamak), and Tolyattikauchuk, (subsidiary of SIBUR). Russia is also the largest exporter of polyisoprene in the world, representing the largest share of EU imports.
Polyisoprene demand in Asia Pacific is expected to grow on the back of robust consumption in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Southeast Asian countries. Increasing population, rising living standards and growing purchasing power among consumers due to economic growth is expected to keep the regional demand high.

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Key Questions Addressed in the Global Polyisoprene Market Study:
• What is the current size of the Polyisoprene Market?
• How is the Polyisoprene market evolving?
• What is the projected Polyisoprene Market size in 2032, and at what rate will it grow?
• What drivers, challenges, and restraints are impacting its growth?
• What are the future opportunities for Polyisoprene Market?

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