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New Vintage-Style Children’s Book Reminiscent of Classic Tales in the Hundred Acre Wood


Lisa Luttrell


The book is beautifully written to open the reader's mind to the world of nature and emotions. Every educator will want to use the imagery and use of original voice for their students.”
— Julie Shaw, Elementary School Teacher
UNITED STATES, September 13, 2023/ -- Nothing beats a children’s book that provides both entertainment and valuable life lessons — especially when fun animals are involved. Just look at the continual popularity of Winnie-the-Pooh and his decades' worth of adventures across the Hundred Acre Wood.

Readers will find similar adventures and themes in Lisa Luttrell’s debut, vintage-style children’s book, THE LITTLE GREEN ARMCHAIR AND TALES OF ECHO FOREST.

Winner of the 2020 Kops Fetherling International Gold Award, THE LITTLE GREEN ARMCHAIR will transport young readers to Echo Forest, a bright woodland full of friendly animals that embark on journeys of blossoming friendship, courage and enduring love.

The book begins with the story of a very special chair. Flower seeds and plump acorns are dropped by birds and fuzzy-tailed squirrels onto a little green armchair’s timeworn fabric and trickle down into its curly metal cushion coils. Within the chair’s warm cocoon, they stay cozy throughout the winter and blossom in the spring, growing into Echo Forest, illustrating the valuable connections between solitude, peacefulness and nature.

In “The Windy Day Picnic,” Primrose Possum and her little possum family exhibit the extent to which a parent will go to make sure her children are safe at the end of a long adventure. And “Neville, The Thirsty Little Stinkbug” provides a story about how wonderful friendships can be created and blossom out of troubled situations.

This book is perfect for those with a love for animals, especially young children graduating from simple picture books. These children can ease into the reading and mentally visualize themselves being right alongside the characters and participating in their adventures, learning important lessons about love, kindness and friendship.

The book is written in a "vintage" style reminiscent of the era of the author’s childhood: the 60s and early 70s. The style includes longer words and some pictures, yet storylines younger age groups can relate to. It allows imagination to be cultivated and is appealing to all ages.


"Very imaginative … The stories remind me of escapades in nature as I was growing up. Children will enjoy reading not only this book but more to follow." — Rich Birks, Vice President, Stockholder, Treasurer, CPA at Novak Birks p.c.

"A beautifully written enchanted story that continues to intrigue the reader. Multiple whimsical plot lines are woven together to create a magical tale. The author captivates you with her passion for nature and lets your imagination run wild with characters that come to life. What will happen next in the Echo Forest? I can't wait to find out." — Matthew W. Hildebrand DDS and Robin N. Hildebrand DDS Owners, Hildebrand Dental

"The book is beautifully written to open the reader's mind to the world of nature and emotions. Every educator will want to use the imagery and use of original voice for their students. Children will be captivated by the vivid details and sentiment!" — Julie Shaw, Elementary School Teacher

“I would highly recommend for adults and children alike. It evokes feelings of happiness and inspires the imagination. Lisa is a gifted writer and I look forward to reading more from her.” — Amazon reviewer

“This is a special book and I highly recommend it to parents, teachers, those who want to give a special gift to a young friend (or parents of one!). Get it now: your children and grandchildren will thank you!!” — Amazon reviewer

THE LITTLE GREEN ARMCHAIR AND TALES OF ECHO FOREST is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Primary school days spent at Crittenberger Elementary at Fort Knox, Kentucky were the setting for Lisa’s earliest endeavors at writing. Composing poems and short stories on weekends became early favorites. Her elementary school librarian, Miss Sarah Franklin, guided her into reading 500 books from her school library in her 3rd grade year. She kept account of those beloved books on a little ragged notebook which still exists in her possession today.

As a first-time published author at age 58, pen to paper has allowed Lisa to create a collection of endearing stories written in a lovely vintage style. Inspirations for these charming stories flourish on her two-acres of wooded property that are home to a variety of woodland animals, birds and insects. Her Jack Russell Terrier, Scout and her two cats, Maximus and Sookie are her constant companions and provide many fun ideas and continual big smiles for her.
Lisa and her husband Tim and son Logan, live, write and flower gardens near Kansas City, Missouri.

To read more about THE LITTLE GREEN ARMCHAIR AND TALES OF ECHO FOREST, visit Lisa on her webpage at

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