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Micrographics Data Collaborates with Kodak to Disrupt Cultural Heritage Records in Southeast Asia with Colour Microfilm

Micrographics Data Collaborates with Kodak: Transforming Southeast Asia's Heritage Records with Colour Microfilm Innovation

SINGAPORE, August 29, 2023/ -- Micrographics Data, the leading provider of enterprise record management solutions, proudly asserts its position as the paramount industry leader in Southeast Asia. In an exciting announcement, the company unveils an advancement – the unperforated 35mm colour microfilm, DCN-MD100. This unperforated 35mm microfilm, produced in strategic alliance with Micrographics Data, revolutionizes data preservation. Supported by Antonio Rasura, Director Motion Picture Services at Kodak, the DCN-MD100 combines cutting-edge digital and physical archiving, ensuring secure preservation for up to a decade. Micrographics Data continues its leadership in bridging traditional archiving and modern technology. The DCN-MD100 microfilm, a result of collaboration with Kodak, addresses the evolving need for reliable and secure data preservation. Its compatibility with Micrographics Data's digital archive writer and microfilm processor enhances accessibility, making it indispensable for businesses across industries. This cutting-edge solution is designed to preserve digital information for up to a decade and seamlessly integrates with Micrographics Data's esteemed digital archive writer, the MD AW3, and the digital microfilm processor, MD PRO3.

In the face of an era characterized by rapid digital transformation, Micrographics Data emerges as the vanguard in bridging the gap between traditional archiving practices and contemporary technology. The launch of the DCN-MD100 colour microfilm is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to safeguarding valuable data for the long term, blending the advantages of conventional and digital preservation approaches.

The digital landscape's rapid evolution underscores the critical need to preserve digital information effectively. While digital storage solutions have made incredible strides, they remain susceptible to various risks, including hardware failures, software obsolescence, and cyber threats. Micrographics Data recognizes the pressing demand for a reliable, secure archival medium that can withstand the tests of time and environmental conditions.

The DCN-MD100 colour microfilm, meticulously developed to possess exceptional archival attributes, addresses these concerns with remarkable efficacy. By encapsulating digital data within a stable and robust physical form, this colour microfilm presents a formidable defense against the uncertainties intrinsic to digital storage. Its full compatibility with Micrographics Data's advanced digital archive writer and microfilm processor ensures a seamless transition from the digital realm to the tangible microfilm format. This remarkable compatibility augments the solution's user-friendliness and accessibility, making it an invaluable asset for organizations across sectors.

Mr. Samuel Ong, visionary CEO of Micrographics Data, commented, "Amidst an increasingly digital landscape, the need for viable physical preservation methods paradoxically intensifies. The DCN-MD100 colour microfilm signifies a harmonious fusion of the past and present, delivering unparalleled data longevity while upholding accessibility."

Micrographics Data's enduring commitment to innovation, reliability, and a customer-centric approach has firmly established its reputation as the quintessential partner for record management solutions throughout Southeast Asia. With the advent of the DCN-MD100 colour microfilm, the company once again showcases its leadership by offering forward-looking solutions that cater to the evolving needs of diverse businesses.

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About Micrographics Data: Incorporated in Singapore since 1989, Micrographics Data is a prominent force in the realm of enterprise record management solutions, serving as a trusted ally to cultural heritage organisations such as National Archives, Libraries & Newspaper Publishers across South East Asia. With an unwavering emphasis on innovation and quality, the company provides a comprehensive array of solutions that seamlessly blend traditional record-keeping practices with contemporary digital archiving techniques.

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