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Connecting The Hearts Offers Dating for Busy Professionals in this Modern World

Connecting The Hearts

Connecting The Hearts is a dating agency that help single professionals in finding high quality vetted matches that will result into long term relationships.

Connecting the Hearts represents busy professionals who are single by helping them find high quality vetted matches that will lead to long term relationships or marriage.”
— Stephanie Massman

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 21, 2023/ -- Connecting The Hearts, which is based in Westlake Village, CA, offers the services of founder Stephanie Massman as a love agent who will mentor and guide busy professionals with regards to dating. Stephanie was a talent manager and agent for the entertainment industry for more than 25 years and is a certified matchmaker. She helps busy professionals who are single by assisting them in finding high quality vetted matches that will result into long term relationships or marriage.

Stephanie Massman says, "Connecting The Heart is LA's newest dating agency. As your Love Agent, I will mentor and guide you every step of the way to finding lasting love by preparing you to date more effectively with people you meet on your own plus I will get you in front of my network of partner matchmakers and actively scout locally for you. If you are a committed and open minded single professional who is sick of wasting time looking for love and ready to get off that hamster wheel, I Invite you to interview for representation. Let us help you get the best partner in the movie of your life.

Connecting The Hearts has a team of qualified and experienced dating coaches who can help clients with confidence, attraction, communication, and more. They can tailor-fit the consulting services to the client's goals and preferences. For those who are faced with a dating dilemma that needs effective and creative solutions, they can utilize a range of tools and methods for examining, comprehending, and solving dating issues in different contexts and situations. They can help determine the root cause of the problem, identify and assess possible solutions, implement and monitor the chosen solution, and learn from the feedback. They can also guide and help the client in developing their problem solving ability and mindset.

The main goal of Connecting the Hearts is, of course to help single professionals find love, peace and happiness. They have an advanced algorithm, which they use in combination with their personalized approach to find a match for their client based on personality, lifestyle, and preferences. They will help simplify the introductions and social event. In addition, they will also offer advice and feedback to help their client achieve the best results from their dating experience.

They offer packages and memberships for all budgets and needs.

Founded by Stephanie Massman, Connecting The Hearts is a dating agency that help professionals who are single in finding high quality vetted matches that will result into marriage or long term relationships. The company gives advice and offers professional guidance with regards to dating. They can also offer problem solving services using a range of tools and techniques to analyze, comprehend, and solve dating issues. They also provide matchmaking services where they employ a sophisticated algorithm while also providing a personal touch. Stephanie Massman had been a talent manager and agent for the entertainment industry for over 25 years and she is a certified matchmaker.

Those who are interested in scheduling a consultation with Stephanie Massman or in learning more about the dating services can visit the Connecting The Hearts website or contact them on the phone or by email.

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