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Momo the Panda by Averie Zhang is now available for purchase

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2023/ -- Momo the Panda
Readers of all ages will enjoy this endearing children’s book, full of lovable characters, insightful lessons, and heartwarming moments. With a passion for writing and drawing, Averie Zhang has put together some adorable characters with compelling and fun stories that cater to kids and adults.

Momo the Panda isn’t just a fun book to read and look at, it has stories that’ll help kids overcome their fears and learn essential lessons that’ll help them later in life. In the chapter “The Giant Butterfly,” Momo sees an insect turn into a lovely butterfly, which makes him appreciate the beauty all around him.

In “Talent Show,” Momo the Panda succeeds and wins the prize after he learns to conquer his fears with the help of his friends. In “The Test,” after Momo fails his test, his pal Cottontail consoles him. The gang confronts their concerns in “The Bully,” where they learn a critical lesson about bravery and fortitude while standing up to a bully.

Momo the Panda by Averie Zhang is an engaging and fun-filled book that’ll entertain kids of all ages while helping them overcome their fears, understand their emotions and learn new life lessons.

About the Author
A passionate artist, Averie also has a soft spot for chickens and bunnies, among other animals. She has a few pets, including a cute little rabbit and some chickens that lay eggs. Averie enjoys a range of fun activities in her own time, including reading, skiing, playing the guitar, and fishing. She usually spends her free time writing her comic books when she’s not engaged in those activities.

Since she first began making her own comics at the age of 5, Averie has had a passion for drawing. After reading “Dog-Man,” she created original characters, such as Chicken-Man and Bunny-Man. As she got older, her imagination evolved, and she shared Momo the Panda with the world along with some intriguing tales to go with her illustrations.

Averie is a huge enthusiast of Harry Potter in addition to animals and painting. Her writing is full of complex narratives, vivid characters, and witty humor, which showcases her imaginative intellect. Averie has all the necessary skills to be a successful novelist and illustrator thanks to her talent, dedication, and work ethic.

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