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Gig Worker Solutions Teams Up with United Healthcare: Revolutionizing Healthcare for 74 Million Gig Workers

Empowering the 74 million members of the Gig Economy with access to true group benefits, workers compensatio, and resources previously reserved only for W2 employees.

At UnitedHealthcare, our mission is to help people live healthier lives and make the health system work better for everyone. We dedicate ourselves to this every day for our members by being there for what matters in moments big and small — from their earl

"Pioneering a New Era in Gig Economy Healthcare: Gig Worker Solutions Aligns with United Healthcare, Offering Comprehensive Major Medical Coverage to Millions."

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2023/ -- Today, Gig Worker Solutions unveiled an unprecedented step forward for the U.S. gig economy, heralding a future where the unique challenges faced by its workers are a thing of the past. The trailblazing Tech Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with United Healthcare to provide National Major Medical insurance coverage for its vast network of members.

This monumental announcement is not just an innovative step for Gig Worker Solutions, but a seismic shift in the way the gig economy is perceived and supported. The company's goal has always been to bridge the gaping chasm between the desires of gig workers to pursue their passions and the critical need to secure vital group benefits typically exclusive to W2 employees. This recent move is a testament to that commitment.

Ryan Leggett, CEO of Gig Worker Solutions, remarked, "For too long, gig workers have navigated a landscape fraught with inequity. This partnership with United Healthcare is not just about providing insurance; it's about reshaping the very fabric of the gig economy. Our mission is to ensure that every gig worker has the chance to thrive, without having to compromise on benefits."

A recent article from ALM Global LLC paints a bleak picture of the gig economy's current state: 23% of gig workers don't possess health insurance, while nearly half face significant hurdles in obtaining it. With healthcare costs continually on the rise, many gig workers are unfortunately left in precarious health and financial positions. Gig Worker Solutions' partnership directly addresses this pain point.

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Gig Worker Solutions' platform has always championed the rights and needs of gig workers, offering unparalleled access to essential benefits such as Worker's Compensation, Group Insurance, retirement planning, and pathways to legitimate W2 income. This move is set to further cement its position as the go-to solution for the gig economy's multifaceted challenges.

Leggett adds, "Our vision is not just to empower gig workers but also the myriad of companies that rely on their skills and flexibility. We're setting the stage for a future where all workers, regardless of their employment status, can flourish."

Companies everywhere are urged to invest in the future by empowering their 1099 contractors and promoting access to the Gig Worker Solutions platform. With over 36% of the workforce currently operating within the gig economy, and projections estimating this number to surge to over 90 million by 2028, the need for comprehensive solutions has never been more pressing.

Together, we can be the difference!

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About Gig Worker Solutions: Gig Worker Solutions stands at the vanguard of the gig economy, functioning as a pioneering Tech Professional Employer Organization (PEO) tailored to the unique demands of gig workers. Bridging the gap between passion and vital group benefits, Gig Worker Solutions shines a light towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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