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Third Generation Social Media Platform Sonata Social Launched To Foster Responsible Online Expression

This unique platform will set a new precedent for freedom of expression.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, August 11, 2023/ -- Sonata Social ehf, a forward-thinking company registered in the free expression capital Iceland, is on the cusp of reshaping the digital landscape as it prepares for the highly anticipated launch of the 3rd generation social media platform Sonata Social. This unique social media powerhouse is poised to redefine the landscape of online interaction by setting an elevated benchmark for responsible user engagement.

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, the question of free expression has ignited fervent discussions in recent years. Sonata, a new third-generation microblogging platform, aims to challenge norms and provide solutions to the many issues plaguing traditional platforms. Sonata is dedicated to freedom of expression made possible by a newly developed system of merit-based amplification.

Responsibility over a platform's impact on individual users and society as a whole is a low priority for large platforms and is almost entirely ignored by small platforms. Freedom of expression is suppressed on large platforms as advertising revenue is prioritized, and it is suppressed on smaller and decentralized services as they over-moderate due to a lack of funding or support for free expression. The newly launched microblogging platform Sonata provides solutions to ongoing issues in all current social media.

"It's exciting to set an example for social media policy standards at a time when so much debate is taking place over where social media is going," says Sonata owner and CEO Matt Beck. "We've got a real opportunity now to make sure the new generation takes a colossal step up in how established platforms currently behave, and Sonata demonstrates how platforms should operate to best represent their users.”

Sonata was developed with deeply researched core values to ensure it acts responsibly towards its users and its effects on society as a whole. These values form the basis of a newly developed concept of a 'Third Generation' social media platform, which through 33 definitions, requires platforms to treat users fairly and with respect to their rights, prevent the exploitation of users in pursuit of profits, be open and transparent, and take responsibility for the impact it has on both its users and society.

Unveiling its clever acronym, Sonata aptly stands for "Social Network Achieved Through Amplification." This innovative platform fosters unbridled free expression by embracing an unparalleled content policy that carefully navigates the line of legality. When violated, its policy for amplification, covering less socially acceptable speech, causes the user to be temporarily 'De-amplified', during which the platform stops spreading their content.

Sonata is now in its invite-only closed Alpha phase, showcasing a new standard for all social media platforms with a commitment to social responsibility. Sonata Social is an Iceland-based company run by UK native Matt Beck.

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