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Governor Katie Hobbs, Elected Officials, Businesses and Community Leaders Celebrate Arizona's Future Economic Growth with Signing of SB1102

Ballot Measure Could Create Hundreds of Thousands of Good-Paying Jobs

Phoenix, AZ– This morning, Governor Katie Hobbs was joined by a bipartisan group of state, tribal, and local elected officials, business and community leaders to celebrate securing Arizona’s economic future with the signing of SB1102, which will send Prop 400 to the ballot. The investments in Prop 400 will secure Arizona’s future economic growth, create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs while growing the middle class, and help build and expand businesses throughout the state.

“We are sending a loud and clear message across the state, the country, and world that Arizona will move forward, not backward,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “With these investments, Arizonans will have increased opportunities for good-paying jobs, we will have greater resources to invest in things like education, healthcare, and housing, and Arizona will be in a position to be America’s economic future. I know it wasn’t always easy, but our constituents will be better off because we put partisanship aside and got this done for our state.”

"Today is a great day to celebrate this mobility plan that will support economic growth and prosperity for Maricopa County and for our whole state and will prepare us for a bright future,” said Senate Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein. “Arizona’s young people deserve to know that their state government can still come together and make decisions for our collective success in the future, which is exactly what you see here today."

“I'm proud of our caucus for delivering the votes, and of our Governor for staying at the table to get this done because Proposition 400 has helped our region grow and prosper for 40 years,” said House Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras. “There is more growth on the way. We know that. We know that Arizona is still the land of opportunity, and more people are coming. The question is, are we going to be prepared? With this plan, the answer is yes. Now it's up to the voters of Maricopa County to approve this extension. I am confident that is going to happen. And then we can look back at this moment and say this bipartisan effort improved the quality of life in this region – and it improved the quality of live in our state as a whole – for generations to come.”

“This bipartisan legislation is crucial for our region and gives residents the choice to continue a program that has been in place for nearly half a century,” said Phoenix Mayor and MAG Chair Kate Gallego. “Voters now have the power to continue this investment in critical infrastructure, modernizing our transportation system to cut commute times and ensure improved access to jobs, school, healthcare, and more. Especially important for the future of our region, the inclusion of public transit funding means cleaner air and better accessibility. I was pleased to work with mayors, tribal leaders, non-profits, and business leaders across the region to unanimously pass this plan that provides options for everyone – meeting the needs of our diverse, dynamic, and growing region.”

“I think we’ll look back on this as a pivotal moment for Arizona,” said Mesa Mayor John Giles. “Bipartisan collaboration and compromise helped to get SB1102 across the finish line and will keep our region and state on a path of economic success. Voters will now get the opportunity to decide the future of transportation needs throughout our region.”