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"Under the Dark Moon" by Kae Allen: A Suspenseful Ghost Story.

Under the Dark Moon

Kae Allen

Author Kae Allen has just released her debut fiction novel, "Under the Dark Moon."

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/ -- Our story begins with Ken and Claire Davies out for an afternoon ride in the countryside when they encounter a beautiful Victorian manor perched on the edge of a lake. Little did Claire know her husband Ken had manipulated the entire outing based on his encounter with a mysterious woman who offered him the Winslow legacy.

Decades before, in the time it took a violent storm to thunder its way across the lake, the Winslow family fabric was forever altered. Isabelle and Jasmine were cast in the middle realm, not living, not dead. Jasmine, just a ghost of a little girl clinging to her baby sister. Isabelle, a furious specter that would do anything to reenter the realm of the living.

The characters of “Under the Dark Moon” twinkled to life in her mind years ago, slowly evolving from just an idea to a full-blown saga of the Winslow family and how they are intertwined with the Davies family, with the residents of the gossipy town of Oak Grove as their supporting cast. “Under the Dark Moon” is the first novel in a thrilling series that explores the dark side of black magic, leading to the ultimate question: Can the power of a truly good woman overcome the power of unfathomable evil?

"Under the Dark Moon" is now available for purchase on Amazon in hardback, paperback and Kindle formats. To learn more about Kae Allen and her work, visit her website at

About the Author:
Kae is an engaging storyteller. Whether she is spinning one of her many traumatic episodes as a young mother into a humorous inspirational “you can do it” story or weaving a thrilling tale that pulls you into the darker side of her mind, she captivates her audience and has them hanging off her every word.

Kae lives in Tennessee with her husband, David (who just happens to be her biggest fan), her mother-in-law, Jackie, and her ever-faithful female Goldendoodle, Bernie. She has 3 grown children, a nephew/son, and by way of marriage, has added 4 more characters to her ensemble. She is currently the proud “Grandma” to 5, “Queen” to 1, and “Coco” to 1. She is grandma to 6 fur-grandbabies and sister-in-law to one cute little guy named Cooper. Kae’s life is in a constant state of love, laughter, and utter chaos, just the way she likes it.

Kae has co-authored two autobiographical books that spin the adventures of motherhood into a collection of humorous short stories: Cookies for Dinner and Panic Early Panic Often.

Kae Allen
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