Airway Health Solutions and Children's Airway First Foundation Partner to Improve Children's Airway Health Globally

Children's Airway First Foundation

Airway Health Solutions

AHS & CAFF combine efforts to ensure every child breathes freely. This includes free resources for parents & professionals to prevent and treat airway issues.

We are deeply privileged to join forces with Airway Health Solutions. Together, we will provide education for parents and medical professionals that will save the lives of children around the globe.”
— Candy Sparks, Co-Founder and President of CAFF
GREATER NYC REGION, NY, USA , August 8, 2023/ -- Airway Health Solutions (AHS) and Children's Airway First Foundation (CAFF) have joined forces in a strategic partnership with the goal of enhancing children's airway health on a global scale. By combining forces, the partnership aims to raise awareness and provide resources for parents and healthcare professionals regarding the prevention and treatment of pediatric airway/sleep disorders.

AHS, a leader in dental education and consulting, specializes in providing dental providers with solutions for sleep breathing disorders through interceptive and expansive orthodontics. With a faculty that includes renowned experts such as Dr. Ben Miraglia, Dr. Kevin Boyd, Dr. Michael Gelb, Dr. Bret Christensen, Brittny Sciarra Murphy, RDH, BS, and Karese Laguerre, AHS has already trained over 400 dentists and myofunctional therapists, continuously expanding its educational portfolio to raise the bar in airway education.

CAFF is dedicated to preventing hypoxic brain injuries and systemic comorbidities caused by airway issues in children. Through parent, provider, and public health education, research, and the implementation of cutting-edge approaches, CAFF aims to develop breakthroughs in access, screening, evaluation, and treatment of children's upper airway and fragmented sleep-disordered breathing.

This partnership will provide dental and medical professionals, as well as parents, with free resources to educate and raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of pediatric airway disorders. By increasing awareness, healthcare providers and parents can play a crucial role in preventing children from becoming part of the already estimated tens of millions of people with undiagnosed sleep apnea, in addition to the approximately 22 million documented cases reported by the American Sleep Apnea Association. Dentists, in particular, are uniquely equipped to screen for airway/sleep disorders as ordered by the ADA in 2017. Parents, dental professionals, and medical professionals all have a vital part to play in providing children with the necessary care they deserve.

Lauren Gueits, CEO of AHS and newly appointed Board Member of CAFF, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, "A partnership with CAFF not only seems logical but necessary in propelling our #AirwayHealthMovement. Dr. Ben Miraglia, Chief Clinical Consultant of AHS, and I are proud and privileged to partner with CAFF to increase awareness through free resources and airway awareness campaigns for parents and professionals. We are equally excited to help children breathe freely and support parents and professionals in developing appropriate treatment options and prevention plans for a healthy future. Together we are stronger!”

Candy Sparks, Co-Founder and President of CAFF, shared her gratitude for the partnership, saying, "We are deeply privileged and honored to join forces with Airway Health Solutions to create a world where every child receives early prevention and treatment for airway and sleep conditions. Together, we will provide education for parents and medical professionals that will save the lives of children around the globe."

Dr. Kevin Boyd, a renowned pediatric dentist, Director of Early Childhood Education for AHS, and Board Member of CAFF, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. "Having worked closely with both AHS and CAFF, I am thrilled about this collaboration and the potential it holds for making a significant impact on pediatric airway health, especially for those kids whose problems are first evident by/before the age of six. Through our collaborative efforts we will aim to provide appropriately timed and applied interventions to ensure children have an optimal quality-of-life (’health-span’) and also, quantity-of-life (‘life-span’).”

Rebekah St James, the Executive Director of CAFF, is thrilled about the opportunity to partner with AHS on joint educational campaigns and fundraisers. She believes that by collaborating closely with Lauren and the AHS team, CAFF can significantly expand its mission's reach and impact. "Our collaboration with AHS will enable us to achieve our objectives on a much larger scale, providing essential resources and support to the more than 400-million children and families living with undiagnosed treatable sleep and airway dysfunction," Rebekah affirms.

AHS and CAFF have joined forces to make a positive impact on individuals and families. Their mission is to improve airway health by raising awareness, providing resources, and supporting those in need with a strong focus on children's craniofacial and respiratory growth and development. By combining their expertise and resources, they aim to create an inclusive community and empower individuals to seek appropriate care. Together, they strive to help children breathe, sleep, and thrive.

To learn more about this partnership and how AHS and CAFF can help you on your airway journey, join us for a free AHS & CAFF Lunch and Learn on Wednesday August 16th, 12 pm EDT.

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