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Eta Space Wins DOE Award to Develop Liquid Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

Liquid Hydrogen is the Fuel of the Future

ROCKLEDGE , FLORIDA , UNITED STATES, July 18, 2023/ -- Eta Space announced receipt of a Department of Energy award to develop liquid hydrogen (LH2) fueling infrastructure for future transportation systems. The Low Loss LH2 Servicing system being developed will be used to service heavy vehicles, small aircraft, ships, and trains. Eta Space is a leading provider of Cryogenic Fluid Management (CFM) technology for space and energy applications.

Hydrogen is a clean fuel that produces only water as a biproduct. It can be burned in an internal combustion process, or using fuel cells produces power to drive electric motors. But hydrogen gas requires bulky, high pressure storage tanks that are unsuitable for many applications. Liquid hydrogen has typically been challenging to store and transfer, the super cold fluid is stored -423 degrees, just 36 degrees above absolute zero temperature. The cold temperatures and the small size of a hydrogen molecule lead to losses such as leakage and boil-off. Eta Space engineers have developed systems that eliminate the losses typically present in cryogenic liquids and proved them in previous projects with NASA.

“Liquid hydrogen is an obvious choice as a replacement for hydrocarbon fuels in a number of applications, but there are challenges with producing, storing, and transferring the fuel”, said Bill Notardonato, the Chief Executive of Eta Space. “We are using our past NASA experience with hydrogen to help the clean energy transition here on Earth.”

After successfully demonstrating zero loss storage and transfer of liquid hydrogen at scales needed for heavy duty trucks, Eta Space will work with manufacturers and energy companies to infuse this technology into the transportation market. If all goes according to plan, most of the products being shipped around the United States will use clean hydrogen as a fuel by 2035, leaving the world a better place for future generations.

About Eta Space: Founded in 2019 by former NASA and contractor personnel with over 130 years of combined experience in CFM, Eta Space is a technology development company that specializes in applying advanced cryogenic systems to solve critical problems in the new space field and the future hydrogen energy economy.

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