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Gig Worker Solutions stands as an industry pioneer, embodying a Tech Professional Employer Organization (PEO) designed specifically to cater to the unique needs of gig economy workers.

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AK Consultants & Healthcare turns to Gig Worker Solutions to unlock access to comprehensive benefits for their independent healthcare professionals

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2023/ -- AK Consultants and Healthcare is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking partnership with Gig Worker Solutions to offer their independent medical professionals access to unprecedented benefits typically reserved for W2 employees. These include workers compensation, true group benefits, payroll, and tax savings options, amplifying the opportunities for gig workers in the medical profession to experience enhanced financial security and professional stability.

Ashleigh Kirsten, CEO of AK Consultants and Healthcare, commented, "This collaboration with Gig Worker Solutions underscores our commitment to uplifting the gig workforce. We understand the unique challenges independent medical professionals face, and through this initiative, we aim to equip them with the resources they need to flourish."

Gig Worker Solutions, led by CEO Ryan Leggett, stands as a trailblazer in the industry. As a tech-oriented first of its kind Professional Employer Organization (PEO), it caters exclusively to gig workers. The platform offers benefits like Worker's Compensation, Group Health Insurance, Group benefits, retirement planning, and opportunities for tax savings. Additionally, it provides a pathway to verifiable W2 income, a significant leap for those in the gig economy.

Leggett said, "We're excited about this partnership with AK Consultants and Healthcare. It signifies an important step forward in our mission to bridge the gap between gig workers and essential group benefits."

The partnership is expected to revolutionize the working conditions for the independent professionals associated with AK Consultants and Healthcare. It is also poised to bring considerable benefits to the healthcare organizations that rely on the flexibility and expertise of the independent workforce.

For more information about Gig Worker Solutions and AK Consultants and Healthcare, please visit and respectively.

About Gig Worker Solutions:
Gig Worker Solutions is a Tech Professional Employer Organization (PEO) designed specifically for the unique needs of gig economy workers. It offers access to coveted benefits, resources, and a pathway to verifiable W2 income, revolutionizing the opportunities available to the gig economy workforce.

About AK Consultants and Healthcare:
AK Consultants and Healthcare is a growth management company specializing in healthcare organizations. They plan and execute growth strategy for healthcare organizations through outsourcing or in-house management of sales, marketing, recruitment, operations, and acquisition services.

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