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MEHRD’s Professional Development Program Reaches Remote Schools

MEHRD’s Professional Development Program Reaches Remote Schools


In July 2022, MEHRD in partnership with Cognition Education and Education Authorities began a PD program. The program aims to improve effective use of curriculum materials, strengthen teaching practices and leadership of teaching.

MEHRD’s expectation was the PD program would include schools from all locations, urban, rural and remote, from across all provinces. The PD program has now reached schools across Rennel Bellona, some in Shortland Islands, the Reef Islands, from the weather coast of Guadalcanal, to the Russell Islands and further.

PD facilitators found common needs of remote schools included communication and poor weather. Challenges for teachers include uncertainty about lesson planning, access to curriculum documents and limited PD opportunities.

Teachers respond positively to the training and resources provided. They report they now feel more confident to support each other, to share knowledge and experience, and rely less on external PD programs. Nearly 90% of participants provided positive feedback about the content and delivery of the PD. 90% said they are now confident to write effective lesson plans.

The PD program has reached all schools in Choiseul, Isabel, Rennel Bellona provinces and in Honiara. Most schools in Central and Makira provinces have also participated. The program will reach over 500 schools by October 2023.

“The PD focus on curriculum familiarization and planning has been an eye opener for school leaders and teachers in Reef Islands schools. Now, schools leaders and teachers are aware of the key role they must play supporting their teachers for better outcomes of teaching and learning.” – observation by PD facilitators.

Shortland Island teachers learning with and from each other

Facilitators setting out to the Reef Islands

Facilitators setting out to the Reef Islands

Lead teachers sharing and reviewing lesson plans – Makira Ulawa

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