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Abey to Unveil Live2Earn (L2E), a Unique Incentive-Based Social Networking Platform

New social media service integrates blockchain technology with user engagement for unprecedented earning potential.

GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN, GRAND CAYMAN, July 14, 2023/ -- Abey, a leading innovator in the integration of blockchain technology and social networking, has announced the forthcoming of its novel social networking platform, "Live2Earn" (L2E). This groundbreaking social media platform introduces an incentive-based system to promote user participation, harnessing the potential for users to earn while they engage.

Unlike conventional social media platforms, Live2Earn introduces a unique concept of “Activity Trackers” which users can purchase using ABEY tokens. Your Trackers enable users to post content and earn ABEY Points (AP)* for their active participation.

The Live2Earn platform has revolutionized the way incentives are calculated with AP serving as the basis for all rewards. Users accumulate AP proportional to their content contribution. Furthermore, a competitive layer is added through weekly and monthly rankings or contests, rewarding posts with the highest engagement in terms of likes, shares, and comments. This innovation encourages users to create quality content that resonates with the community, rather than simply posting without purpose.

The emphasis of Live2Earn lies in active content creation and engagement, shifting away from passive consumption that is prevalent in most current social media platforms. Through this unique reward system, Live2Earn cultivates an environment where users are incentivized to interact and contribute more frequently.

The platform introduces a new social media economy, where user engagement and content quality translate into tangible rewards. When purchasing participation credits with ABEY tokens, users are essentially investing in their social media presence and potential earnings, creating a unique, profitable dynamic within the platform.

Live2Earn also integrates traditional social media features such as profile customization, the option to follow other users, direct messaging, and versatile content formats, including text, photo, and video.

In summary, Live2Earn presents a pioneering blend of social media and blockchain technologies. The platform offers an exciting opportunity for a more engaged and active social media community and a novel way to monetize social media participation.

*AP Allows users can earn Rewards based on Total L2E Revenues, paid quarterly.

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