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A Game-Changing Acquisition Revolutionizes Streamlined Funds Collection and Distribution

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Unity FI Solutions guides PAN in providing tailored, compliant processing servicing solutions for the Student Loan & Debt Industries, addressing challenges in payment collections and disbursements.

Unity FI Solutions Acquires Leading Software Provider for Student Loan & Debt Industries: Payment Automation Network Inc. (PAN)

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2023/ -- Latest Acquisition Expands Unity FI Solutions' Product Portfolio and Establishes Its Position as a Premier Provider of Payment Servicing Solutions

Unity FI Solutions, a trusted provider of tailored payment processing solutions, has acquired Payment Automation Network Inc. (PAN), a privately owned company based in Medford, Oregon. PAN stands out as a prominent nationwide leader in providing compliant software for payment processing in the Student Loan & Debt Industries. With a strong commitment to compliance, PAN offers full escrow services that provide a secure environment for funds while adhering to consumer debt protection regulations. By securely holding customer funds in their escrow/trust account, PAN ensures the utmost security and peace of mind until the desired services are successfully rendered.

Student debt significantly impacts the economy, hindering consumer spending, stifling entrepreneurship, and reducing job opportunities, while also lowering homeownership rates and exacerbating financial vulnerabilities during economic downturns. In addressing these challenges, Payment Automation Network (PAN) plays a crucial role through its comprehensive and compliant processing services. PAN enables businesses in the Student Loan & Debt Industries to effectively manage student loan and debt, contributing to improved economic conditions, increased spending power, and overall financial stability.

Recognizing the significant impact of student debt on the economy, Unity FI Solutions' acquisition of Payment Automation Network (PAN) assumes even greater importance. PAN, under the stewardship of Unity FI Solutions, provides comprehensive & compliant processing servicing solutions tailored to the Student Loan & Debt Industries, alleviating the frustrations associated with payment collections and disbursements. Through their secure and efficient fund collection and distribution services, PAN enables businesses in these industries to effectively manage student loan and debt, contributing to improved economic conditions, increased spending power, and overall financial stability.

By incorporating PAN's expertise in compliance-centric software, this strategic merger empowers Unity FI Solutions with advanced technology, enabling businesses to streamline fund collection and disbursement processes. The integration of PAN's software platform’s compliance processing capabilities in various sectors such as Student Loan & Debt Industries, Credit Servicing & Repair, Debt Validation, Tax Resolution Servicing, Timeshare Cancellation, Software Vendor Sales and Support, and Rental Collection Services, further solidifies Unity FI Solutions' market position, offering a holistic range of payment solutions.

About Unity FI Solutions

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Unity FI Solutions stands out for its personalized support and deep understanding of clients' distinct requirements. Their range of services surpasses traditional payment processing, encompassing a comprehensive suite of solutions such as Merchant Services, ACH Payments, NSF ACH & Check Recovery, Lockbox Services, API & Custom Software Development, fraud prevention, and risk management. By collaborating with Unity FI, businesses gain the advantage of optimizing cash flow, minimizing operational costs, and seizing emerging opportunities.

About Payment Automation Network (PAN)

Payment Automation Network (PAN) offers comprehensive and compliant solutions for fast and secure fund collection and distribution, eliminating the frustration of payment collections and disbursements while maintaining compliance. PAN's services include email payment reminders, bank account verification, a secure web portal for record viewing and CRM software integration, quick and efficient underwriting processes, full escrow services for fund security, comprehensive reporting, and 24/7 account monitoring. They assist with compliance by securely holding customer funds in their escrow/trust account, ensuring revenue security until consolidation services are rendered. PAN's all-encompassing servicing handles every aspect of payment collection and fund disbursement for Student Loan Settlement and Consolidation Companies, ensuring a seamless payment process.

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