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HomeEcom An Innovative Platform to Elevate Guest Experiences through QR Codes and Rewarding Referral Program

Revolutionizing the guest experience with intuitive property management, AI-powered recommendations, and a rewarding affiliate referral program

USA, July 10, 2023/ -- HomeEcom, the revolutionary platform designed for property hosts, introduces a game-changing way to enhance guests' experiences with the simple scan of a QR code. In addition to offering an intuitive interface for online store setup and management, HomeEcom has introduced an attractive affiliate referral program, which pays a commission for each sign-up, further incentivizing property hosts to join the platform.

HomeEcom is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between property hosts and guests. The platform offers a smooth and efficient way for hosts to add products to their property's online store, including details like product names, stock availability, and prices. With an added touch of artificial intelligence, the platform suggests smart product recommendations, making inventory management a breeze.

One of HomeEcom's key features is its ability to generate QR codes instantly. These QR codes can be displayed around the property, guiding guests directly to the online store. Once there, guests can effortlessly browse the products, thanks to HomeEcom's AI-powered search bar, which provides a tailored search experience based on prompts given by the guests.

HomeEcom's affiliate referral program offers a unique opportunity for its users to earn by referring other hosts to the platform. For every successful sign-up, the referrer earns a commission, further encouraging the growth of the HomeEcom community.

"HomeEcom has significantly simplified our lives as hosts," says Laura, a Vrbo Host. "Setting up the property, adding products, and generating QR codes is so effortless. The addition of the referral program has made the platform even more enticing."

The HomeEcom team (under Mizu Development LLC) is committed to delivering unforgettable guest experiences through innovative technology. "We want to enable hosts to provide a seamless shopping experience for their guests. With our platform, we make this not just possible but also simple and efficient," states a spokesperson from HomeEcom.

With its intuitive design, cutting-edge technology, a rewarding referral program, and a commitment to improving the guest experience, HomeEcom is set to revolutionize the way hosts manage their properties and interact with guests.

For more information, please visit To sign up for the affiliate referral program, contact the team via email at

About HomeEcom

HomeEcom is an innovative platform designed for property hosts, aiming to enhance the guest experience through easy access to an online store via QR codes. With its easy property setup, AI-powered product management, seamless QR code generation, and rewarding referral program, HomeEcom continues to be a trailblazer in the property hosting market.


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