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Wallet Factory Delivers Enterprise-Grade Customer Loyalty Platform for YASNO to Serve 4M Households

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Wallet Factory implements comprehensive Loyalty platform for energy supplier YASNO, driving greater customer engagement, payment discipline, and cross sales.

Our customer loyalty platform's success with an energy supplier demonstrates the versatility of our solution. It expands the possibilities for any billing companies to leverage personalized rewards.”
— Mikhail Miro, CEO of Wallet Factory
KYIV, UKRAINE, July 11, 2023/ -- Wallet Factory, a FinTech services provider of digital wallets and personalized loyalty rewards programs, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its comprehensive customer loyalty platform exclusively for YASNO, a leading energy supplying brand that serves over 3,5 million households and nearly 100,000 business users. The loyalty platform is aimed at enhancing customer engagement and loyalty, improving payment discipline, and driving cross sales.

On winning a bid with the client, Wallet Factory developed and deployed a compelling solution specifically tailored to YASNO and its retail customers. The new loyalty program marks a significant milestone in Wallet Factory's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering long-term relationships. The client reasonably relied on the extensive expertise of Wallet Factory in launching successful revenue-generating eWallets and loyalty rewards projects in dynamic markets of Africa, MENA, and LatAm, empowering financial and non-financial companies with tech-enabled solutions that drive business growth.

"The successful implementation of our customer loyalty platform for an energy supplier like YASNO is a testament to the adaptability and versatility of our solution. It showcases that customer loyalty programs are not limited to traditional retail chains, opening up new horizons for billing companies to harness the power of customer engagement and rewards,” said Mikhail Miro, CEO and Co-Founder of Wallet Factory. “Integrating loyalty programs with personalized rewards paves the way for others in the industry to seize this great opportunity and revolutionize their customer relationships."

The primary goals of this project were to implement a robust loyalty program, promote timely payment for basic products, increase sales of supplementary offerings, and actively involve YASNO customers into the company's ecosystem. With the integration of this enterprise-grade solution, customers, for instance, can now even utilize their bonus points to pay for a TV subscription, unlocking added value and flexibility.

Prior to the implementation, only 30% of B2C customers paid their electricity bills in full and on time. Additionally, there was a lack of mechanisms to stimulate sales of additional products, retain customers, and attract new ones in the face of a changing market landscape. To address these challenges, YASNO needed a solution that would incentivize targeted payment discipline while offering direct discounts on additional goods from its partners.

Key features of the loyalty program provided by Wallet Factory include the ability to create and configure accrual rules and conditions without any developer involvement. This user-friendly interface empowers the client to set priority and exception rules, define criteria such as completeness, regularity, and timeliness of payments, and introduce additional indicators for rule calculation. Furthermore, the platform enables seamless management of exclusive rules for promotions, special offers, and marketing campaigns, including validity periods, client lists, and limited segments.

Moreover, the customer loyalty platform facilitates comprehensive customer data management, allowing to create, process, and store customer information files. With flexible tools for segmentation, such as RFM segmentation, the company gains invaluable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Historical data on loyalty program usage by clients further enhances the understanding of customer engagement and informs targeted marketing strategies.

"By adopting our advanced customer loyalty platform, our business can not only strengthen customer engagement and retention but also enjoy increased cross-selling opportunities, improved brand reputation, and a competitive edge in the market," said Sergiy Kovalenko, CEO at YASNO.

The loyalty program is seamlessly integrated into client services, including the personal account, as well as various communication channels. An integrated message editor empowers the company to create mass mailings, templates, and personalized messages tailored to specific customer segments. The platform also enables the exchange of data between the loyalty system and external systems, facilitating the upload and download of information on accumulated bonuses and operations with bonuses.

With the successful implementation of the enterprise-grade customer loyalty platform, Wallet Factory is confident that it will significantly enhance customer engagement and retention, boost payment discipline, and improve sales growth. This initiative exemplifies Wallet Factory's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled customer experiences while helping its clients drive business success.

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Wallet Factory is a leading fintech provider of digital wallet solutions and customer rewards platforms. The company's primary focus is on serving banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) in emerging markets, where there is a significant shift from a “Cash Heavy” to a “Cash Lite” society. This shift aims to include many unbanked citizens in the financial system, especially youths, women, lower- income populations, micro and small businesses, and those living in rural and remote areas.

YASNO is the brand under which a group of companies supplies electricity and gas to its household and business customers and implements energy efficiency and electric vehicle solutions.
Supply companies of YASNO provide electricity to over 3.5 million families in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions and more than 80,000 enterprises throughout Ukraine.

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