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New book dealing with religious education and clerical child abuse - ST AUGUSTINE'S SIN - Why child abuse bedevils Christianity


New book dealing with religious education and clerical child abuse - ST AUGUSTINE'S SIN - Why child abuse bedevils Christianity

ST AUGUSTINE'S SIN - Why child abuse bedevils Christianity

4.4 out of 5 stars for ST AUGUSTINE'S SIN

4.4 out of 5 stars from the OnLineBookClub

Meeting requirements for child safeguarding might be a problem for Church leaders trying to uphold compulsory Religious Worship

CHICHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, July 10, 2023/ -- In 2021 the UK Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse disclosed that 100 new cases of clerical abuse are being reported every year. Around the same time, an inquiry in France reported that children are more likely to be abused within Church settings than state schools, holiday camps and sporting organisations. Yet in June 2023, the Church of England sacked the panel of experts who provided independent oversight of how it dealt with abuse.

Why is abuse more prevalent within a Church than in other settings, and why is the Church so lax in addressing the issue?

A new book, ST AUGUSTINE'S SIN, offers personal perspectives on faith school education. Joe Baker, a one-time Christian Brothers pupil, explains how his life was influenced by enduring feelings of guilt and deference. Chapters by a primary school teacher examine with rigorous scrutiny how current teaching in faith schools might affect a child’s vulnerability.

In June 2023 the United Nations expressed concern regarding UK education. Alone among European nations, collective worship “broadly Christian in character” is compulsory in UK schools. A UN committee called for repeal of the law, and recommended pupils be given the independent right of withdrawal from religious worship. It is noteworthy that data from The Children’s Society reveals young people in the UK today exhibit the lowest level of life satisfaction in Europe.

Baker traces the origins of clerical abuse all the way back to one of the most influential of Church Fathers, Saint Augustine of Hippo. Meticulous notes link to supporting evidence, and the disturbing findings should concern all parents. ST AUGUSTINE’S SIN has already been widely acclaimed by OnLineBookClub readers. 56% of independent reviewers awarded five stars, and hailed the book as ‘well researched’, ‘informative’ and ‘mind-opening’. The book is available today at discount from Amazon.


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