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Crystal Deodorants Made of Potassium Alum Stone - Purity is Essential for Optimal Effectiveness and Durability

pierre d'alun Kalunite sélection grade A+

pierre d'alun Kalunite sélection grade A+

alum stone grade A+ vs Out of Selection

alum stone grade A+ vs Out of Selection

Crystal deodorants made of potassium alum stone are widely available in stores. Some are opaque while others are transparent. Let's explore the reasons.

COLON, PANAMA, July 10, 2023/ -- Crystal deodorants made of potassium alum stone have become a popular natural alternative to traditional deodorants and are now widely available in most stores, primarily in stick form. However, it is crucial to highlight that the quality or appearance can vary significantly. Some stick deodorants can be opaque, while others are nearly transparent. This is where Verdan stands out by establishing an unmatched standard of purity.

Grade A+ Alum: The pinnacle of purity
Grade A+ alum stone enters the market of natural beauty products, offering a benchmark of unparalleled purity. This innovative "Grade" serves as a reminder to natural deodorant enthusiasts that there are different qualities of potassium alum.

Mineral Purity - a guarantee of effectiveness
Potassium alum stone is a crystalline mineral, and its purity is influenced by various factors, including its source and selection method. The Grade A+ designation ensures optimal purity, indicating that the alum has been meticulously selected and cut from the purest part of the mineral.

Choosing purity
Impurities are always undesirable as they make the alum stone opaque and fragile during use. High-purity alum stone stands out with its marbled and slightly transparent appearance. Additionally, it is stronger and more durable, ensuring extended use.

Multiple benefits for radiant skin
Pure alum stone offers numerous benefits for the skin. With its natural astringent properties, it helps prevent undesirable body odors without clogging pores. Its smooth and gentle texture soothes the skin, providing a sensation of freshness and comfort throughout the day.

Optimal purity for safe action
It is essential to emphasize that alum stone acts on the surface without penetrating the skin. The size of pure alum molecules is too large to cross the skin barrier, offering a safe and effective solution for personal hygiene.

Meticulous examination to ensure maximum purity
At Verdan, great importance is given to the quality and purity of alum stones. At the end of the manufacturing process, each stone undergoes a meticulous examination under a magnifying glass. Stones with opaque appearances are rejected.

About Verdan Mineral
Since 1980, Verdan Mineral has been an importer and distributor of alum for the cosmetic industry. With 42 years of experience, Verdan Mineral is internationally recognized for the exceptional purity of its alum, especially in Japan. Many natural cosmetics brands have already integrated the quality of pure Grade A+ alum into their products. This pure alum stone is also known as Kalunite™ or "Panama Potassium Alum".

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