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50 Years of the EIIP Discovery: A Cornerstone in Electronic Biology

Simple General Model Pseudopotential

GALVESTON, TEXAS, US, July 7, 2023/ -- 50 years ago, the 'Simple General Model Pseudopotential' (EIIP) was discovered, which is a physical parameter determined solely based on the atomic numbers in the periodic system

By analyzing trends in the periodic table, scientists have developed empirical relationships to describe electron behavior in atoms. EIIP allows scientists to predict and calculate properties and behavior of atoms and molecules without extensive computational resources. It simplifies the understanding and analysis of atomic systems based solely on atomic numbers. Although EIIP calculations are relatively simple compared to more sophisticated quantum mechanical approaches, they have been found to be accurate and effective in predicting material properties in various conditions.

In solid-state physics, EIIP is used to investigate phenomena such as phonon spectra, electronic band structure, electronic conductivity, and superconductivity. It provides a simple and quantitative measure of the electronic properties of materials, enabling researchers to compare and predict their interactions with other molecules or environments.

EIIP has enabled the study of biological phenomena at the subatomic level, introducing a new dimension to biology known as Electronic Biology. This advancement has paved the way for the development of a new generation of drugs and vaccines targeting chronic and infectious diseases. These novel therapies exhibit reduced toxicity and demonstrate high resistance to mutations in cancer cells and pathogens. Moreover, EIIP has provided a foundation for the creation of food supplements and healthy diets that align with fundamental natural principles.

The article on EIIP has maintained its relevance over the past 50 years and continues to be highly regarded today. This is evident from its impressive Altmetric index ranking of 243, which places it among the top 0.6% of all research outputs tracked by Altmetric, totaling 23,876,482 articles.

Altmetric is a platform that measures the online attention and impact of scholarly articles, taking into account various sources such as social media mentions, news articles, and policy documents. The fact that the EIIP article has garnered significant attention and engagement across these platforms speaks to its enduring significance.

Additionally, Altmetric has tracked a total of 36,467 research outputs from Physical Review Letters, a prominent journal known for its high-impact physics research. These articles typically receive more attention than the average publication, with a mean Attention Score of 14.1. Despite this competitive landscape, the EIIP article has excelled, surpassing 99% of its peers in terms of attention and impact within this esteemed journal.

The continued recognition and attention received by the EIIP article indicate its enduring value and impact in the field of physics. It stands as a notable contribution that has resonated with the scientific community and continues to be referenced and discussed even after several decades.

It’s worth visiting the website for more specific information on the practical application of EIIP and Electronic Biology in biology and biomedicine, as it may provide more detailed insight and examples.

Dr. Veljko Veljkovic
Biomed Protection, LLC

Veljko Veljkovic
Biomed Protection