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FAST Alliance Formed to Support Small, Medium, and International FAST Channels


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Neiva de Medeiros & Aparicio

Neiva de Medeiros & Aparicio

A non-profit organization dedicated to serving the interests of independent FAST channel providers facilitating strategic support and collaborative initiatives

NYC, NY, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2023/ -- FAST Alliance, a newly established nonprofit organization, has emerged as a dedicated alliance of FAST channels under the visionary leadership of Gustavo Neiva de Medeiros, Nick Risher, Geoff Clark, Jonathon Barbato, and Gustavo Aparicio, all founders of several FAST Channels.

The primary objective of this groundbreaking initiative is to foster the growth of the industry by providing comprehensive support to FAST channels and content creators. By joining forces, FAST Alliance aims to generate joint marketing programs, drive traffic and user engagement for applications, and establish transparent industry standards across all facets of the ecosystem," expressed Neiva de Medeiros.

In addition, FAST Alliance is committed to assisting new FAST channels in optimizing their advertising revenue streams more effectively.

"We aim to amplify the publisher role of FAST channels, recognizing them as key players in an industry with immense potential for exponential growth. By uniting FAST channel publishers, we can elevate the industry to new heights, alongside TV producers, technical platforms, and ad tech services. Together, we possess the power to foster substantial industry growth. We welcome any FAST channel to join our organization, irrespective of their origin, with a simple vetting process to ensure the legitimacy of all members, at absolutely no cost. We have already initiated fruitful communication and networking activities, sharing experiences, knowledge, information, and fostering collaboration," expressed Aparicio.

FAST Alliance has a global vision, aiming to cater to the international market, extending far beyond the boundaries of the United States. While this industry is in its nascent stages in various parts of the world, our organization aims to establish FAST Alliance as an international institution, enhancing content, integrators, CPM, inventory volume in different territories, and ultimately facilitating transactions with global and local programmatic advertising agencies.

Currently, the alliance boasts several esteemed founding members with over 30 affiliated channels, including Best Ever Channels, AcTVe, TriCoast, Global Fashion Channel, and Spanglish Channels. However, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. "Our ultimate goal is to encompass every channel within the industry. Notably, a group of major companies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cineverse, and Scripps, have already formed a similar organization to integrate prominent publishers in the US. Naturally, we align our policies and viewpoints with these esteemed partners. The technology underlying this domain knows no boundaries, enabling us to transform FAST Alliance into an international force," emphasized Aparicio.

The FAST Alliance further emphasizes the importance of professional development and training within the FAST channel publishing industry, nurturing creativity to produce superior, competitive content and enhance traffic. The entire FAST channel ecosystem possesses the capability to promote quality content that benefits all stakeholders, ranging from creators to smart TVs and advertisers.

FAST Alliance offers its members a wide array of benefits, including access to a shared ad server, dedicated ad managers, cost optimization, invaluable expertise from the steering committee comprised of pioneers in live streaming, extensive networking opportunities, and exclusive discounts on third-party services. "By becoming part of FAST Alliance, new FAST channels can overcome the challenges associated with advertising revenue and build sustainable and profitable businesses," they confidently claim.

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Gustavo R Aparicio
FAST Alliance