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Open Letter to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi—A Warm Welcome to Washington, DC On First State Visit

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WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 20, 2023/ -- Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TeamBest Global companies, arrived in the U.S. in June 1972 as a Landed Immigrant and is now an American citizen. Having lived in the Washington, DC area for 51 years, and as an Indo-American, he has keenly observed the ebbs and flows of the relationship between India and the United States.

Since the Independence of India in 1947—nearly 76 years ago—there has been a progression of the warming of the relationship between India, the most populous Democratic country, and the U.S., the pillar of global security, stability, democratic values, and freedom for all. The U.S. has increasingly come to value the importance and significance of a stronger bond with India for both countries' mutual security and prosperity. Prime Minister Modi, to his credit, upon becoming the Prime Minister of India in 2014, recognized the importance of a close relationship with the U.S. and began to court every President since then—President Barak Obama, President Trump, and now President Biden. All three Presidents too recognized the huge significance and importance of a close relationship with India.

Today, India and the U.S. have come full circle in recognizing the important benefits of this strong and ever-lasting partnership. This week, during PM Modi’s first State visit, and during his second address to the Joint Session of Congress, the U.S. and Indian governments will reiterate this strong bond of friendship and partnership for global peace and prosperity.

Krishnan Suthanthiran's non-profit Best Cure Foundation (BCF) and TeamBest Global (TBG) companies are launching the Global Healthcare Delivery in India with the first of one thousand plus, Best Cure Proactive, Preventive, Primary, and Dental Care Wellness Centers in Coimbatore, India soon. The goal is to reduce the death and sufferings from cancer, cardiac, diabetes, infectious, and other diseases by 50% or more. TBG companies have plans to expand manufacturing in India.

Among the many issues these two nations have to discuss, it is hoped they will also address: (1) A free trade agreement, (2) Expanding joint collaboration in Defense/Industry/Military Exercises, (3) Production in India by licensing U.S. Military Technology, (4) Education, (5) Green Energy
including Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SNNRs), (6) Healthcare, (7) Space exploration/satellite launching initiatives and, (8) Expansion of student and skilled labor/scientists Visas to Indian citizens, etc.

Once again, a warm welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his first state visit at the White House and the second address to the Joint Sessions of the U.S. Congress. Indians, Indo-Americans, and Americans around the world are eager to see the continuing flourishment of the bond between India and the United States.

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