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Manage and Secure All Business with AirDroid Business MDM

Sand Studio’s AirDroid Business MDM Platform Enables Businesses to Provision, Manage, and Secure All Android Devices within Their Respective Business Network

SINGAPORE, July 6, 2023/ -- Sand Studio’s AirDroid Business currently sets a new standard for businesses that require robust MDM(mobile device management) capabilities. AirDroid Business goes beyond traditional MDM solutions to enable organizations to easily monitor, provision, manage, secure, and govern the use of Android devices in the field. This way, businesses can simplify their operations and maximize efficiency.

Sand Studio knows that data security for SMBs & enterprises is of utmost importance. Our revolutionary MDM software offers a range of device security policies to safeguard business data against leakages, misuse, or theft. With AirDroid Business, organizations can configure mandatory authentication policies, such as lock screen passwords, to improve device and data security.

AirDroid Business offers granular control over OS updates, device security restrictions (including app blocklist and app installation restrictions from unknown sources), and the ability to disable factory reset functions to ensure device compliance. You can implement strict application data loss prevention (DLP) policies. For instance, businesses can apply policies to restrict users from sharing data or documents from corporate to personal devices via USB file transfer or external USB devices. Additionally, remote operations, like wiping specific app data can be performed when a device is lost.

AirDroid Business MDM software offers robust member and role management, permission, and security options for both SMBs and large organizations. IT and Security departments/admins can easily enroll and automatically push bulk configurations such as device-specific restrictions mentioned earlier and applications to be installed on Android devices with access to a business network. AirDroid Business allows for easy device grouping, file transfers with TLS encryption, different levels of device accessibility, sending notifications to field devices, and more.

With AirDroid Business, businesses can track, secure, and monitor their mobile workforce effectively. Whether for small or large-scale deployments, our solution provides real-time visibility into the location of devices and enables the receipt of notifications and geofence alerts triggered by critical events. This way, you can make timely decisions to optimize your business operations before things get out of control. Also, AirDroid Business MDM Geofencing comes with a complete route history that lets businesses examine when and where a device has been. This feature allows for easy identification of abnormal activities, idle time, and the selection of better routes, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

One standout feature of AirDroid Business is its remote control capabilities. Whether using a cloud-based or on-premises deployment, AirDroid Business Remote Control offers organizations a broad view of endpoints, users, and everything in between. With the new Remote Control API feature, remote support capabilities can be seamlessly integrated into various solutions, including ITSM, Service Desk, Help Desk, CRM, Kiosk, Android systems, OEM devices, and more.

By leveraging AirDroid Business remote access, remote support, and remote control solutions for Android devices on third-party platforms, businesses can reduce problem resolution time and improve customer satisfaction and business bottom line. Other features include remote camera access, remote view, real-time voice chat, black screen mode, and more.
AirDroid Business allows you to manage up to 10 devices in our 14-day free trial. No credit card and setup fees are required.
There is an array of productivity-enhancing capabilities awaiting business with AirDroid Business. Whether in healthcare, transport & logistics, corporate setting, hospitality, retail, field services, IT services, or other industries, SMBs, and large organizations can benefit from this comprehensive MDM software.
About Sand Studio Company
Sand Studio is a customer-first company that builds software designed to improve efficiency and productivity for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our solutions include mobile device management, remote control, and remote support.

Cassie Hu
Sand Studio