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Plastonix Launches a Revolutionary New Process to Recycle Polyurethane Foam

Plastonix created a process to recycle polyurethane foams using its proprietary, low heat, non-toxic, plant-based chemical agent.

TORONTO , ONTARIO, CANADA, June 8, 2023/ -- Another Win for the Planet

Plastonix Inc., a Canadian-based, global plastics repurposing technologies company, proudly announces its revolutionary new process to solve the world’s polyurethane foam waste crisis. At its research laboratory, Plastonix has found ways to recycle polyurethane foams commonly found in mattresses, furniture, automotive interiors, carpet underlay, and packaging. Using its proprietary, low heat, green organic, non-toxic, plant-based chemical agent, the Plastonix technology can fully process these polyurethane foams and add them to virgin polyurethane resins in the foam-making process as a filler or parallel material. This process prevents these types of foams from going to landfill, incineration, or leaching into the waterways. Mixtures containing more than 25% recycled material have been tested with exceptional results. The Plastonix process is energy efficient, simple, inexpensive, and generates very low carbon emissions.

End of Life Urethane Foams Now Have an Afterlife

Many organizations, industries, or industrial processes currently discard polyurethane foams that have little deemed economical value. Until now, there has been no widely adopted method to recycle products containing polyurethane foam so most have been sent to landfill or incinerated. Discarded polyurethane foams are particularly problematic as they are not biodegradable and if improperly managed can contribute to microplastic pollution more readily than other types of plastics.

Plastonix research has determined that polyurethane foams can be recycled more than once using the Plastonix technology. Applications include off-cut scraps from industrial processes, consumer waste, discarded polyurethane foam materials from waste haulers and from material recycling facilities, for example mattresses, automotive interiors, furniture and consumer goods. The technology represents an amazing step forward in creating a circular environment for foam producers, particularly for the automotive and furnishings Industries. For many manufacturers that use significant volumes of polyurethane foam, this technology reduces the need for virgin polyurethane resin.

About Plastonix Inc.
Plastonix is a global plastic repurposing company based in Toronto, Canada that works with organizations around the globe to find ways to solve the world’s plastic waste crisis. More specifically, it works collaboratively with institutions, industries, and other organizations to design custom-made solutions to lower expenses and/or create revenues by reclaiming and/or repurposing discarded petroleum-derived materials.

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