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Dumped in the Desert, Montana Taylor Rises Out of the Ashes of Heartbreak with a New Name and a New Single

Montana Taylor

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2023/ -- Montana Taylor is embracing a new artist name and direction after the experience of being left in the middle of nowhere by an ex. The Arizona native, previously known as Dani Taylor, is set to release her debut single "Anywhere, Everywhere, and Nowhere" late August 2023 under her new artist name.

For the first time ever, Montana shows a newfound vulnerability in her music when it comes to breakups - something that will resonate with many listeners who have experienced heartbreak. The story that inspired the powerful song and new musical direction began with a volatile breakup that left a lasting impression on Montana. She recounts the night she was abruptly left alone in the middle of nowhere by an ex after a fight that lead him to dumping her out of his car at 2am, “You know you've been wronged when the guy you dated leaves you in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night and drives away without saying goodbye," says Montana.

Formally known as Dani Taylor, Montana was born and raised in Arizona but has lived in Nashville for the past five years honing her songwriting and sound. Her songs have gone viral many times over, garnering millions of plays on social media and streaming services. Accompanying this release is a complete shift in her musical direction, from an established witty song writing that challenged double standards in love and dating to more vulnerable insights into break ups and life’s journey. With her new music now taking inspiration from folk country, Montana has coined it 'coastal cowgirl' due to its signature sound that blends country music with pop and country folk elements.

After months of hard work, Montana’s single "Anywhere, Everywhere, and Nowhere" marks the beginning of a new era for Montana as she explores themes such as heartbreak, resilience, and self-discovery. Fans can expect to hear more from Montana Taylor as she continues to make strides towards becoming one of Nashville's most talked about artists.

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Montana Taylor
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